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  1. Sarahstar66

    Sores and Diarrhea - please help

    my Sphynx has had chronic diarrhea for the past week. Her bath night was tuesday. This morning I noticed sores on her sides. Last night she had an diarrhea accident on our rug because it was like she couldnt make it to her box. She is not acting lethargic or “sick” but shes just pooping all...
  2. Sarahstar66

    Lilith Updates!

    Hello all! Lilith is doing so well. She's really came out of her shell and loves sprinting across the house to pounce on her toys and on us haha. We had our first vet checkup and all seems well. No heart murmurs or other issues. We had our first spa day yesterday (I was going to wait until...
  3. Sarahstar66

    Lilith Update and Questions

    Well. Lilith is eating full speed now. Which has led to this: It's really not been *that* bad honestly, but my boyfriend is having a hard time dealing with the poo, period. So just send him some strength, lol. We try to keep a mat under the litter box and I have wipes at the ready. I'm so...
  4. Sarahstar66

    Gotcha Weekend has Commenced!

    @Nicolemorgan adding water worked instantly! She sat down and ate for the longest she has since being home! @Hairless Blessing I will definitely look in to those treats! Thank you all! :)
  5. Sarahstar66

    Gotcha Weekend has Commenced!

    Hello all! Our official gotcha day was yesterday! We brought Lilith home around 7:30pm. Here's how I feel it's going so far... Pros: She likes me! We have cuddled not stop. Currently cuddling as we speak. I love it so much. She has had zero effect on either of our allergies! No extra...
  6. Sarahstar66

    Down to days!!

    Gotcha Day (April 1st) is coming up and I have been beside myself with nesting. I buy new toys and blankets every time we go to the store :ROFLMAO: I created a special corner for her in the room she'll be spending most of her time in until she gets adjusted to the whole house (not pictured are...
  7. Sarahstar66

    Best pet supply website!

    Shout out to @Yoda mom for her recommendation to check out Chewy! We're getting down to the Gotcha Day wire and so far I've ordered: An auto feeder An auto waterer Litter box Epi-optic Hylyt shampoo L-Lysine powder 24 can case of wet food (fingers crossed she likes it) 5lbs bag of dry food...
  8. Sarahstar66

    Best Dry Food?

    I see a lot of discussion about raw diets here, and as much as I would love to participate in that, I just don't think I'll have the time or the stomach (both my boyfriend and I are vegetarian) to make it work well. So I'm on the hunt to find the best types of dry food that others use. I've seen...
  9. Sarahstar66

    Adventures in Kitten Proofing: DIY Project

    I'm still quite a long way away from Gotcha Day, but I'm using up all my spare time to prepare for Lilith's arrival. Until she gets older and more acclimated to the house, we are going to keep her in the spare bedroom while we're away and when it's time for bed. This room is also the room I use...
  10. Sarahstar66

    Baby's First Bath!

    My breeder sent me some photo's of Princess Lilith's first bubble bath yesterday and I just HAD to share them. :love::love::love: She was very vocal about her experience, lol. The breeder assured me she passed her first Spa Day with flying colors once she got used to the water. One more week...
  11. Sarahstar66

    Kitten Proofing!

    Oh my goodness! This is great information. Thank you all so much. :LOL: Sounds like I need to take a trip to the store and visit the actual baby section and get some childproofing things! Also time to turn on the charm about the litter box situation... Although, now that I think about it, our...
  12. Sarahstar66

    Kitten Proofing!

    Our gotcha day isn't until the end of March, but I'm too excited not to be preparing the house already. And I just think you can never start too soon with these things. I guess my big picture question is: just how curious IS your Sphynx? My boyfriend and I both work during the day. He usually...
  13. Sarahstar66

    Dealing with pet allergies?

    Just wanted to let everyone know I appreciate everyone's comments. I have done plenty of previous research on the allergy and what causes it. But I have also noticed numerous people, whether it be from here or YouTube or blog posts, have mentioned that the Sphynx doesn't irritate them as badly...
  14. Sarahstar66

    Dealing with pet allergies?

    Hi there! I went to spend some time at my breeder's house and I did ok. They had three adult cats and five kittens, plus a large indoor dog. I only sneezed a few times, and I feel like that was mostly due to the dog. I held the kittens and adult cats and my skin didn't break out or anything.
  15. Sarahstar66

    Dealing with pet allergies?

    I have read on countless threads and websites that Sphynx are in no way hypoallergenic. But at the same time, most people also mention that their Sphynx bothers them/their loved ones less than coated cats. I have had a numerous list of allergies since I was younger. Including being severely...
  16. Sarahstar66

    New Sphynx mommy here!

    Hello! Last weekend, I put down my deposit on the sweetest little sphynx kitten in the whole world. (I guess I am biased though, haha!) Princess Lilith will come to me in just ten weeks, and I'm just a bundle of excitement and nerves! I've grown up in a family with countless pets, but this will...