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  1. Clementine

    What kind of harness should I use?

    My Clemmy could escape from any harness I purchased and I tried soooo many!! She could always do the backward escape. Finally I found one that I love and she unfortunately hates..lol. I’ve been using them for a while now and have had her try many times to no avail. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MavsShop
  2. Clementine

    got grim a leash!

    Best harnesses EVER!! Clemmy has always been able to escape any harness I ever purchased(and I’ve bought many). She was always able to do the backward escape. I finally found ones that she can’t escape from. Just thought I’d share with you. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MavsShop
  3. Clementine

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Awe, thank you! I don’t get around the liar much as I have trouble navigating around, but I would love to see a pic of Kenzo(my fav perfume is Flowers by Kenzo ).
  4. Clementine

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Awe, thanks so much and head smooches right back atcha!♥️
  5. Clementine

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Hi My Clementine doesn’t mind clothes at all.
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    My new warm fuzzy sweater
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    Happy Caturday!
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  9. Clementine

    Comment by 'Clementine' in media '330D7E06-32A4-43B2-92CB-CD85A702ECE4'

    @Annejo12 hi!! Thank you♥️ She does have some fur on her face and I just love to kiss it
  10. Clementine

    Comment by 'Clementine' in media '330D7E06-32A4-43B2-92CB-CD85A702ECE4'

    @Yoda mom thanks♥️ She is a sweetie
  11. Clementine

    Sphynxlair Photo of The Day!

    Awe!!! Again ☺️☺️☺️ I am sooo humbled...These two were just playing together under the blankets...lol Xoxo
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    Where’s my treat?
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    Kitty White Walker
  15. Clementine

    Sphynxlair Photo of The Day!

    Awe The little Miss is sooo very honored and humbled❣️ Thank you
  16. Clementine

    Comment by 'Clementine' in media 'Image'

    OMG!! A Chinese crested too!! I have a powder puff one. Always wanted a hairless. They are ADORABLE❣️
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  18. IMG_7086


    Who put the sloppy kiss on my head
  19. IMG_7141


    I'm naked!
  20. IMG_7163


    Looking so innocent..
  21. IMG_7214


    I'm gonna claw my way up