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  1. CathyO


    Omg this this thread made me chuckle naked hitchhikers on the loose
  2. CathyO

    Getting a new friend for Arthur, recommended sex of new kitten?

    Was in similar situation before but genders reversed. Was supposed to pick a male kitten as our 2nd baby but picked another female instead bec she was more outgoing which will be provide a better influence on our skittish kitty. Our female sphynx is an absolute love bug. She sleeps on my chest...
  3. CathyO

    Peaches the Baby and Her Simple Routines

    @pussiette Such a beautiful day today over here. Peaches is totally sun worshipping
  4. CathyO

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 5-21-21

    My ragdoll took long time to develop from not reacting to actually loving it. Silvervine was what did it. She also reacts to Valerian tea haha Hops not really. My sphynx wants to join in on the fun but doesn’t get catnip.
  5. CathyO


    @pussiette I ended up doing the test on my Ragdoll due to data availability, but initial swab sample I mailed them didn’t provide enough info. They got my 2nd sample just last wk. So hopefully, in the next weeks to a month I’ll get the results back. FYI - I didn’t disclose my cat’s breed on the...
  6. CathyO

    Literally a Baby

    This is a typical lunchtime or after work “siesta”. I added Harley too ‘coz this raucous “sister” of Peaches gave a good friend visitor of mine a hard time when we spent an all nighter catching up last weekend at my place. Harley used her breathy howls to remind me every half hour that I’m...
  7. CathyO

    Literally a Baby

    She also likes what we call “V-hugs”. It’s when your cheeks and chin get squished by the inside of an elbow.
  8. CathyO

    Literally a Baby

    Peaches has always acted like a total baby but today was just too much. Partner created a make shift “cave” like he always does out of random items around the house...this time it was from a plastic container that’s recently emptied. Peaches took to it like fly to honey but it looked more like...
  9. CathyO

    raw diet for older sphynx with kidney disease (maybe)

    Also good to find vets who have feline nutrition certifications as not all vets have equal education/experience with pet nutrition in particular. Raw is best but only for pets who can process proteins properly and aren't immunocompromised. Very high protein in raw food (60% protein vs only 35%...
  10. CathyO

    Bored Sphynx

    @Velour: Do you leave the bedroom door open/ajar so Vladimir can leave anytime he wants? I don't necessarily think another cat would help or at least try to make the night play session more intense like make him go up and down various levels if he's not already doing that. Don't we all hate it...
  11. CathyO

    How Common Are Serious Health Issues?

    @TheWrinkler which province are u in Canada? U are not in Nunavut are u? I wonder if your pet can be covered under the breeder’s insurance...if not, I’d def. first pay for an in person consult with a 2nd and 3rd doctor from the nearest major town centre. No more than $100-150. Only reason I’m...
  12. CathyO

    Looking for a loving new home for my Sphynx boy located in California

    So sorry u have to go through this hard decision. I agree u will have no issues having to rehome him. Maybe u can provide more info on who’s scratching who to determine who doesn’t prefer company. Are the two older cats sphynxes too?
  13. CathyO


    I’ve read the shorter legs have more trouble getting around since it’s obviously not natural for them to have short legs.
  14. CathyO


    Can’t wait for more photos and learn about his personality as time goes by!
  15. CathyO

    New here! Looking to adopt/rescue a Sphynx soon...

    @Sheldon13 this is my everyday life lol tbh dealing with oil is easier than dealing with fur getting everywhere - like food.
  16. CathyO

    Awesome ear cleaning swab

    I have these (exact same) just diff brand and I unfortunately find cleaning the bumpy end very hard (it gets into the tiny crevices really well) that I just went back to my usual disposable ear buds. The smooth end tip I find too slippery to catch things well.
  17. CathyO

    Early V-Day gift

    I i was just eyeing this on Amazon today! Is it easy to clean?
  18. CathyO

    New baby

    @Sheldon13 where did u get your new sphynx and when is it coming???
  19. CathyO

    Best shampoo and cleaning methods for sphynx's that will not bathe?

    @Sloan bonhomme i use the tear free shampoo from Big Country Raw’s Website and have the feliway plug in and cat purr music on if I really want to be on top of things. If u want fragrance free, I think any cat shampoo would do that’s scent free. My one cat wants the water in the tub up her chest...
  20. CathyO

    HCM Webinar news about genetic research

    Whoops, I got nerdy lol but I'd rather put my notes (ramble?) here on lair so I don't lose it. Dr. Meurs sent me a link for a separate dna kit for ragdolls so that's cool they are also doing other breeds prone to HCM.
  21. CathyO

    HCM Webinar news about genetic research

    @pussiette thanks for sharing the invite @Sheldon13 I didn't know u were there! What did you find informative? I ask so we can all share here since it will take about a week before they can post the recording. My takeaways (before I forget them haha): 1) No evidence that CoQ10 heart supplement...
  22. CathyO

    HCM Webinar news about genetic research

    Oh this is cool! Is the hcm testing they offer similar to the sort of results one gets with any hcm testing? I’ve always thought breeders would only breed hcm negative parents! not one parent with a single copy mutation
  23. CathyO

    Older cat not adapting to new kitten! HELP!

    No to all your Qs. There shouldn’t be hissing. Give yourself a year to give u an idea of how much patience is needed. That or u add a third kitten.
  24. CathyO

    Testing their holiday outfits

    Peaches hates dress ups and cameras while Harley revels in them. Me and Harley will have matching tiny Santa hat clips. No hair Peaches is relieved to not have a clip. She says don’t even dare.