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  1. nudebea

    Meet Alfie

    What a gorgeous boy. Sticking butts in face sounds very familiar !! Wishing you lots of happy times with Alfiexx
  2. nudebea

    Preparing to say goodbye is so painful

    Thank you again for your help and advice.I will look up the sites xx
  3. nudebea

    Meet Jackson

    Fuzzy or not, he's beautiful! My girl has a little peach fuzz and that's fine, in contrast her half brother is completely bald.They are both brilliant. Good luck on your new adventure with your beautiful sphynx. If your breeder isn't very helpful, Im sure you will find lots of help and advice on...
  4. nudebea

    Level 3 Heart murmur in 1 year old Sphynx

    Thats great news1 I have just read your post and can relate to how concerned you must have felt but very relieved for you regarding the test results.Clementine is gorgeous ! xxx
  5. nudebea

    Preparing to say goodbye is so painful

    Thank you for your replies. I have found a couple of products for omega 3 for cats but need to make sure they don't contain vitamin D .I will let you know if I do find a suitable product in case anyone else is interested.Also , although the gelatine capsules for delivery of tablets are not...
  6. nudebea

    Preparing to say goodbye is so painful

    Once again thank you all for your kind thoughts and advice. We brought him back from the vets on Saturday and the ECG was still showing a lot of ectopic heartbeats.The vet said that sometimes they can adapt to these anomalies however it is the run of , what they call, malignant beats that carry...
  7. nudebea

    Luna May Fleur - I will miss you for eternity

    My heart breaks for you .She was absolutely beautiful and still is, in your heart. She will always be with you but in a different way. Sending you hugs and comforting thoughts xxx
  8. nudebea

    Preparing to say goodbye is so painful

    Thank you . Yes he really is a fighter. He was playing as usual yesterday evening although refused his breakfast this morning so I will have to try something else. We have a cupboard full of different foods now as he seems to go off things quite quickly since the arrhythmias first started...
  9. nudebea

    Mr. Bigglesworth

    Love his name, very Groovy baby ! He's beautiful xxx
  10. nudebea

    Not sure what is wrong with my baby :( Acid reflux, asthma, cough or fur ball?

    Definitely agree with the other members about getting the vets opinion , and if possible getting her heart checked, even if its just for peace of mind .Hope everything works out finer you both xxx
  11. nudebea

    Preparing to say goodbye is so painful

    Thank you so much for your advice and sharing your experience with giving the pills .My partner straddles him just like you suggested and I place my hand on the back of his head and gently press either side of his mouth to get him to open then pop in the pils crushed into a kind of yoghurt...
  12. nudebea

    Please,, Prayers or Sam .. multiple seizures in past 24 hours

    Sending prayers for Sam and hugs for you, xxx
  13. nudebea

    Baldwin was diagnosed with HCM at 4 years old.

    I am so sorry to hear Baldwin has been diagnosed with this condition, all too often a bane for families that include a sphynx. My Wilson has been diagnosed with HCM,in August this year, he has cardiac arrhythmia, the vet is not certain which condition was the original cause of the problem but it...
  14. nudebea

    New Addition to the family!

    Those eyes are so beautiful. Wishing you many happy times and good health with your new skin baby xxx
  15. nudebea

    Hello From Mazikeen

    OH she's lovely! Good luck with the continued introductions. We rotated ours around different rooms so their scent was everywhere , also tried Felliway Friends diffusers but I know people have mixed results with that. xxx
  16. nudebea

    My Sphynx baby died of HCM before he reached 2 years old..

    Just to say, thinking of you xxx
  17. nudebea

    Missing Sphynx

    Oh gosh you must be so worried, I hope you find her soon xxx
  18. nudebea

    I need some help

    Love her name! She s beautiful. I would probably get advice from your vet if it doesn't clear up soon. I regularly bathe my littles ones eyes with warm damp cotton wool pads as they do get a little "gunky" xx
  19. nudebea

    Frequency recommended to bathe?

    I think you will gets lots of great replies and advice from other members on this subject and maybe there is not a right or wrong answer it just depends on you little individual sphynx buddy, but if it helps I wash mine usually once a fortnight , but my girl seems to get much dirtier than my...
  20. nudebea

    Please,, Prayers or Sam .. multiple seizures in past 24 hours

    So glad to hear Sam is doing better , sending prayers for him to continue getting stronger xxx
  21. nudebea


    Love you choice of name !
  22. nudebea

    Inflammatory bowel disease

    I am sorry to hear of Esme's health problems. Unfortunately I cannot give you any advice based on direct experience of her problems but I am sure you will receive advice and support from others on this wonderful site . My sphynx boy Wilson is not well , although it is due to his heart, but he...
  23. nudebea

    Preparing to say goodbye is so painful

    Thank you all for your support xx
  24. nudebea

    My Sphynx baby died of HCM before he reached 2 years old..

    I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss of your beautiful boy , Eight. My heart breaks for you as I can relate to the pain you are feeling right now, My boy Wilson, who sounds very similar in personality to Eight, has been diagnosed with a heart condition and we know we can loose him at any...
  25. nudebea

    New skinfant parent member!

    Rook looks like a real little sweetie! Wishing you many happy times together xx