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  1. HairlessHorton

    Looking to adopt - in Ontario

    Hello! We have a sphynx named Horton right now. He’s around 1 year and 2 months now. We’d love to adopt another sphynx for him to hangout with and love. We’re looking to adopt for anytime after February.
  2. HairlessHorton

    back legs - (red look kind of like rug burn)

    Hello, I’ve noticed that Horton’s back legs are kinda red and look like they have rug burn or something that is making it look raw. (I believe it’s from him jumping around) is there anything I can put on them ??
  3. HairlessHorton

    Hi everyone :)

    Hi guys! We’re pretty new to this. I just made an account. This is Horton. He just turned one and is the sweetest boy. Excited to see everyone’s babies :)
  4. HairlessHorton

    Can Sphynx get bumps from dry skin?

    Hey guys, I bathed Horton the other day (put coconut oil on after which he’s never had a problem with) but his skin still looks a bit dry. He developed a few bumps on his back where he usually has dry skin. Is this a thing?? Had this happened to anyone?
  5. HairlessHorton

    Difference between wax & mites

    I’m attempting to figure out if my cats ears are just waxy or have mites… I’ve seen a distinction being “coffee ground” like… however, Horton has always had very dirty ears so I’m not sure. When I try and find pictures of the normal amount of wax for sphynx nothing comes up. Help please! These...
  6. HairlessHorton

    Allergic reaction help

    Hello guys, I just joined this is my first post and I’m super worried. Horton has been experiencing an allergic reaction (I assume) for the past 3 days. I assumed it was because we were switching over his food to adult this week and the adult has more chicken meal in it… but he has been eating...