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  1. CathyO

    Literally a Baby

    Peaches has always acted like a total baby but today was just too much. Partner created a make shift “cave” like he always does out of random items around the house...this time it was from a plastic container that’s recently emptied. Peaches took to it like fly to honey but it looked more like...
  2. CathyO

    Testing their holiday outfits

    Peaches hates dress ups and cameras while Harley revels in them. Me and Harley will have matching tiny Santa hat clips. No hair Peaches is relieved to not have a clip. She says don’t even dare.
  3. CathyO


    I finally bit the bullet and bought a DNA testing kit with a health marker test from this company coz it was 50% off. I don’t have high hopes for it as I already know my ragdoll cat is a ragdoll but knowing what kind of other pure breed my sphynx is other than a sphynx would be interesting as...
  4. CathyO

    Sharing my “new” Cat Book

    Sharing my newly acquired preloved cat book. I find older books tend to have more informative bits like why the space between a cat’s eye and ear is sparse compared to the rest of its body. I rmb going to a vet asking why my 4mo furry kitten is “balding” there. Of course, I didn’t get a...
  5. CathyO

    Zoom Fails: Yoga Cat

    Peaches and Harley have been making appearances in my weekly meditation program via Zoom. At first I was fine with it until Peaches decided to sit on my back as I was on my belly trying to do a superman pose stretch along with everyone in the class. Host couldn’t help himself with this welcome...
  6. CathyO

    World’s Best: Silverfish Infestation?

    Context: So the past few months I had asked my partner to be in charge of the two litter boxes we have and didn’t realize he hasn’t been cleaning the back of the litter box where the litter crumbs fall. I would vacuum the front of the litter box as I pass it when I vacuum the living room...
  7. CathyO

    2 sisters for adoption Thunder Bay, ON

    Just sharing I saw a post on Kijiji, ON for 2 female Sphynxes for free to right home
  8. CathyO

    Peaches the Baby and Her Simple Routines

    Biased as we are, we are thoroughly convinced Peaches is a pure baby. Not even a part cat. Ok, maybe 10% cat. She wags her tail when happy. She sleeps like a human. She acts all zen during forehead kisses so she can lap up more love. I thought of varying my response to her wake up call this...
  9. CathyO

    Caught in the Act!

    Harley and Peaches hanging out! (They very rarely get this close). Harley drank from my mug again in the middle of the night - caught her and she didn’t even care she just kept drinking, yawned, and went back to bed.
  10. CathyO

    Sphynx Love Knows No Bounds

    This is what I think people who do not have a sphynx don’t get to really see up close and personal - the depth of a sphynx’s love. Of course, I’m just the picture taker here and the third wheel but I’d give anything to see more of these.
  11. CathyO

    Do Sphynxes Really Like Other Cat Breeds?

    Some articles online say Sphynxes LOVE cats/dogs. I wonder if Sphynxes in general have a slight bias to another naked cat than ones with fur if given a choice? In your experience, do u think Sphynxes prefer their own kind than say a dog or a cat with hair if they can pick their own companion?
  12. CathyO

    “If I Fits, I Sits”

    Pls share your cat’s version if u have pics handy :)
  13. CathyO


    Saddening or tad bit offensive? While my logical side can sort of see why the label is as such for sphynx cats, it does not bring this sweet loving breed justice
  14. CathyO

    What size and type of blankets do your sphynxes love?

    Wondering what size of blankie your sphynx prefers? Do you use different sizes or types in different areas of the house or in different seasons? Or do you stick with the same blankets all throughout the year? Aside from flannel and fleece, any experience with using faux or thick knit or crochet...
  15. CathyO

    Just Another Wednesday

    Who else’s cat likes getting buried in mountains of blankies?? The squishier, the better...
  16. CathyO

    Fire Alarm tips?

    Our high-rise is notorious for false fire alarms and conducts way too frequent fire alarm testing. Just this last Fri, we had an actual fire in the bldg adjoining ours and after scrambling with great difficulty to place them together in a large pet carrier (one cat got out 5x) we were just...
  17. CathyO

    Delivery Box = Cat House

    Just a spontaneous thing my partner did today with the amazon delivery box: Cats seem to like. So we add finishing touches. Finished Product. Peaches ends the day loving on me, as if she’s thankful for all the attention/play from today: Hopefully, we’ll have a part 2 (Cat House -> Cat...
  18. CathyO

    Cat Scientist?

    Who knew that Peaches would be enamoured by YouTube videos on microbiology???! Try it if your cat likes to stalk tiny flies in between your double pane (double glass) windows. For those homebound, how are u entertaining your cats? Peaches is soooo bored she started pawing at her laser...
  19. CathyO

    Dog Freak Accident

    ****Pls if u have an obedient/controllable pet, use a break away neck collar instead.***** About an hour ago, my sister called me that her best friend’s frenchie, Zara, who I trained as a puppy just died. Zara is only 3 yrs old. Her body leash got stuck in the elevator. This didn’t have to...
  20. CathyO

    Sphynxes and Their Pointy Paws

    I welcome chest time but Peaches’ paws are pointy like the tip of a pyramid. Any tips (no pun intended) on how u deal with the initial point of contact with said paws? Are all Sphynxes heavy pawed like this?
  21. CathyO

    Deconstructing Lap Cat Myths?

    Does anybody else also wonder where on the Lap Cat spectrum their cats fall under? I wonder how true some of the online comments elsewhere with cats that would spend “all day” on a lap if they can. They call them VELCRO cats. Is it really ALL DAY or do they mean more than 20 min or several...
  22. CathyO

    Cat Album

    Started compiling and filling out a Cat Album for my naKid and furbaby. Here is a preview of what is to come from unearthing some pics of them. If u have album pics pls share over here I’d love to see them :)
  23. CathyO

    Happy Sunny Sat Here in Toronto

    Peaches has been sunbathing like crazy the past few days and I can’t help but share her preoccupation.
  24. CathyO

    Peaches Almost Got Away!

    I’ve been working on desensitizing Harley from our front door when it’s opened by giving her a treat as soon I opened the door. It’s a high-rise so I wasn’t too worried about any immediate danger on our specific floor level. Many minutes later as I’m getting to leave the house, someone knocked...
  25. CathyO

    Share Your Cat Quirks of 2019

    Can you share your cat(s)’ name and what you feel is kinda quirky/funny about them? For those who have shared theirs from last year, I still love hearing them haha or anything new they have been up to recently? Cats seem to always have something NEW that they’re into. Here’s mine: PEACHES -...