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  1. Michala72

    A very British Sphynx

    I just remembered the vet gave me Feliway spray and some tablets that were to calm. (Not sedatives) I don’t know that it made any difference to be honest. They didn’t have it on the final flight and were exactly the same. That was a nightmare too because it should have been a couple of hours but...
  2. Michala72

    A very British Sphynx

    Hi, are you travelling from USA to UK or UK to USA? It is way easier to come to USA! As far as I am aware Finnair is the only airline that allow pets in the cabin transatlantic. I heard a rumour there is a Russian airline that does but I didn’t find it. They have to fit under the seat. It was...
  3. Michala72

    A very British Sphynx

    Hello group! It’s great to meet you all! I travelled from England with my Sphynx Cairo. Son and his little dog Minnie just over 3 months ago to Colorado. Cairo is like a child/cat/dog lol. He follows me everywhere and wants to be involved. Moans at me when he isn’t getting his own way, loves...
  4. Michala72

    Cairo seeks a friend!

    My name is Cairo and I live in Wheat Ridge Colorado with my humans, my mom, brother, Dad and Grandad and a tiny dog called Minnie who I let lick me sometimes! I came all the way from England with my Mom and she is great but I do miss my buddies Paris and Milan! They are Sphynx who live in...