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    Taco Tony
  2. Evmblue


    Thank you so much for these recommendations! Yes I’ve stopped with coconut oil entirely and I am also experimenting with diet. I’m stopping there fancy feast and sticking to wheat free food.
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    Tony and I today. Look at those eyes and ears!
  4. Evmblue


    YES my cat loves the taste of coconut oil. If i apply it on myself he licks me up as well. I just worry that it'll get him to lick himself too much and dry out his skin. Also I hear overlicking is a sign of anxiety? Not sure if anyone knows more about this.
  5. Evmblue

    Tony's introduction

    Hello! My name is Elisa and my baby is Tony. He's new to our home and we've had him for three weeks now. The adjustment has been really smooth and he came home litter trained which was wonderful. Any and all advice on the best toys, skin care, food, and schedule would be great. I'm a nursing...
  6. Evmblue


    Thank you so much will do!
  7. Evmblue


    My baby Tony is 10 weeks old and suddenly he developed this red looking skin under his chin. We normally bath i Him once a week with regular maintenance with pet wipes and rub him down with coconut Shea butter. His diet is mainly wet food if fancy feast three times a day. Any advice would be...