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  1. kauna

    Prednisone for chronic loose stools

    @pussiette hoping for a speedy recovery.
  2. kauna

    Luna May Fleur - I will miss you for eternity

    sending comforting hugs to you!
  3. kauna


    Hello and welcome! I am so sorry that you lost Nosferatu to this horrible disease. How is Renfield coping? That picture is absolutely adorable and they looked to be very close. Hopefully, Ren is helping to comfort you also.
  4. kauna

    Prednisone for chronic loose stools

    I have not with a sphynx but my American Bulldog, Sam had IBD and was on budesonide he couldn't tolerate prednisone. He did pretty well on that but we had to figure out the correct dose or he would get roid rage and get aggressive. He was 1 1/2 when we started and lived until 11 almost 12...
  5. kauna

    Sphynxmas Holiday Gift Exchange 2021

    the sleigh is on its way! lots of goodies await the recipients! :D
  6. kauna

    Sphynxmas Holiday Gift Exchange 2021

    I didn't even think of that! My SS does have a food item(s), but will not go bad and can wait until closer to Christmas!
  7. kauna

    Not sure what is wrong with my baby :( Acid reflux, asthma, cough or fur ball?

    The care for asthma can be costly, the rescue inhaler isn't too expensive like $40 but the daily one can be $150-200 depending on the pharmacy where you get it. The medications for hcm aren't too bad, but the echocardiograms are $500 through a specialist usually every 6mos. This is in US...
  8. kauna

    Not sure what is wrong with my baby :( Acid reflux, asthma, cough or fur ball?

    I would definitely recommend a trip to the vet. I would also recommend showing them this video. Perhaps, chest x-rays are needed. If it is asthma, he should get a prescription for a bronchodilator inhaler to use daily as well as a rescue inhaler. I would also recommend if you get those...
  9. kauna

    Sphynxmas Holiday Gift Exchange 2021

    should be ready to ship Friday! waiting on 1more thing to arrive, if not will have to send separately as well
  10. kauna

    New skinfant parent member!

    hello and welcome! shes adorable
  11. kauna

    My Sphynx baby died of HCM before he reached 2 years old..

    My heart aches for you. All he ever knew was your love. Give yourself time for your heart to heal. May the memories help to comfort you. Please know we are all here for you with love and comfort during this most difficult time of grieving.
  12. kauna

    Anyone have a blue mink torti?

    My girl is a blue mink tortie. Here are some pics to see the progression of her coloring
  13. kauna

    Baldwin was diagnosed with HCM at 4 years old.

    I am sorry to hear that you got this diagnosis of your little one. It it a tough blow to deal with and may take some time and understanding. My sphynx girl was diagnosed almost a year ago. Each follow up scan her disease has progressed. (she goes every 4mos because I am a bit neurotic and...
  14. kauna

    Sphynxmas Holiday Gift Exchange 2021

    Still waiting on a few things but should be on it's way soon! Getting excited :0)
  15. kauna

    Introducing Mr M

    Congrats on the addition of Mr. M. He’s just precious.
  16. kauna

    Please,, Prayers or Sam .. multiple seizures in past 24 hours

    oh dear, you are having a rough go with all of the pets recently. Sending prayers for you and Sam dog. Thankfully no full blown seizure but sad that the medication that is preventing it is giving him such bad side effects.
  17. kauna

    Prayers for Macie Mae Bengal cat

    so glad to hear that she is doing better.
  18. kauna

    Sphynxmas Holiday Gift Exchange 2021

    Will be gathering goodies in the next week then wrapping and shipping :)
  19. kauna

    Need help for kitties

    best of luck on finding them a wonderful home. I wish I were closer.
  20. kauna

    Arya is two!

    Happy birthday to you!! Make sure mom gives you all the treats!
  21. kauna

    Prayers for Sam, Beloved Bubba Bears , brother

    Sending love and prayers to you and Sam!
  22. kauna

    Bubba Bear got his angel wings today . Forever and Ever in my soul

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending big comforting hugs to you during this difficult time. So glad that he got to have his dairy queen treat one last time.
  23. kauna

    Toa and his pimple

    Poor Toa, that looks awfully painful. hopefully the antibiotics will help.
  24. kauna

    Happy Jouët

    such a beauty!
  25. kauna

    Toby unsettled at bedtime Since Yoda got his angel wings :(

    Big hugs to you and to Toby. My heart breaks for both of you. He is missing his buddy. Pets do grieve, each in their own way. Sometimes it just takes time to get used to a new routine. While I don't have experience with cats (single cat household here) my dogs were like that. I had one that...