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  1. Catzzzmeow

    buying 1 or 2 sphynx!

    One thing that does add up a bit is insurance for 2. We never purchased insurance until our last 2 Sphynx. Way back there weren’t as many possible health issues in the breed, but we decided to bite the bullet with them.
  2. Catzzzmeow

    buying 1 or 2 sphynx!

    As long as you can afford the vet bills go for it. Surprisingly we didn’t find a huge difference in having 2 but when we upped to 3band then 4 cats we saw a big difference from litter, cost of food, vet etc. congrats! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Catzzzmeow

    My Sphynx Boy keeps dry heaving/wretching

    Take a look around and see if he ate something he should not have…any missing pieces of toys, ribbons, strings etc? Also look and see if anything is wrapped around the tongue. @BigglesandMorty Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Catzzzmeow

    My Sphynx Boy keeps dry heaving/wretching

    You can call them and tell them the symptoms and ask if you send the video…are they eating drinking and keeping it down? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Catzzzmeow

    My Sphynx Boy keeps dry heaving/wretching

    Can you get a video of it and share with your vet? @BigglesandMorty
  6. Catzzzmeow

    looking to adopt

    Welcome. Definitely check this area of the community regularly. Once one is posted they go very fast. @juju07
  7. Catzzzmeow

    Looking to adopt

    Welcome! I am sorry to hear of your loss…no matter how long ago, I know it still hurts. Good luck in your search and try to check here regularly…once one is posted for rehoming, they go very fast. @Jpick
  8. Catzzzmeow

    Occasional green nose boogie but kitten otherwise fine

    That’s great you have a vet appointment.often yellowish/greenish snot can mean a URI especially if eyes are watery. A simple antibiotic will do the trick if it is. You are correct t that stress can often be the culprit on triggering a URI. Let us know how your vet appointment goes.
  9. Catzzzmeow

    Winter weather in the states

    Woke up to a few inches of snow and can hear the snowplows out there. Feels like a heat wave right now at 32 degrees LOL. It has been bloody cold all week…yesterday is was 8 degrees on my morning walk. We’ve turned the heat up a bit more than usual as the house has just felt chilly…and yes lots...
  10. Catzzzmeow

    The numbers game

  11. Catzzzmeow

    Second Sphynx

    Woot woot! Congratulations he is adorable. He will settle in before you know it. Are you staying with the name Milo? @Ailin
  12. Catzzzmeow

    It’s been a long time…

    Fingers crossed you do not come down with it. Your pup sure looks content in this pic!
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  16. Catzzzmeow

    Sunday Pics

    Happy naked Sunday Lairians Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Catzzzmeow

    He won't shut up!

    @SKULLZKUTT do you find they stop when being feed or played with? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Catzzzmeow

    Brought home new baby/weird bumps on head

    My guess is the food change is causing this. Look at the ingredient and see what varies.many have issues with chicken being the main ingredient. What is the primary ingredient in the fancy feast one you were giving compared to the new? It might be as simple as switching a flavor. Sent from my...
  19. Catzzzmeow

    Selfie Saturday 1.15.22

    @Natalie Murphy so glad your baby is a perfect companion during lockdown. Their love and presence has no doubt bee a true blessing to so many during these lockdowns. @Toa and Ross nice glasses!
  20. Catzzzmeow

    sphynx claws problem

    Have you tried a different litter for the heck of it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Catzzzmeow

    New Game - Change a Letter

    Grew Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Catzzzmeow

    The numbers game

  23. Catzzzmeow

    Sphynx Color Q&A

    @Mmitchell from what I have seen most black do have a darker nose and ears. Note that most black are much darker as kittens and lighten up to almost a gray color when they get older. As far as tabbies go. In most cases tabby’s stripes lighten up drastically and often you no longer see them when...
  24. Catzzzmeow

    Selfie Saturday 1.15.22

    Such a snuggly boy! I just grabbed the first cat to walk by me and she was not too thrilled with a selfie today LOL. Who’s next to share?
  25. Catzzzmeow

    Brought home new baby/weird bumps on head

    Are you feeding the same food as your breeder fed them? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk