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    Stuck and Apprehensive

    Does anyone else feel stuck? I have been looking for Sphynx, Bambino, Elf, Dwelf kittens for a while now and have even chatted with a few people who claim to have some for sale. My gut instincts tell me that they have been scammers. I really have my guard up as far as trusting anyone. I don't...
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    Is there any way to maintain low dander levels when someone in the family has a cat allergy?

    Oh my! I feel your anxiety here! Poor thing, and you for having to understand what to do or make a decision to re-home your Sphynx. I'm not sure that I am of any help, but wanted to share a personal story of my own. I first had an interest hairless cats when my youngest son was quite young...
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    Collars, Harnesses, Toys and Essentials

    Good Evening everyone! (Depending on where you are from, of course) :) I was wondering what you all prefer, that have collars on your cats/kittens. Do you prefer a break away collar or lock type collar? Do you use a harness if you take your cat outside? If so, what type? What types of collars...
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    Art and craft

    Papercrafting---Scrapbooking/card making
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    Art and craft

    Wool applique too.
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    Art and craft

    TYVM Zab! I do some quilting and wool applique as well. Thanks so much, Zab! Quilting is another thing that I enjoy doing in my spare time.
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    Does anyone NOT feed raw?

    Great info from everyone here! Im a newbie and still learning. Glad you are all so generous in sharing your thoughts and information. :)
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    Where did you get your sphynx?

    She's beautiful!!! ♥ Where did you get her collar? Love it!
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    Art and craft

    First time posting here, so I am not even sure if I am doing it correctly. LOL I do not own a Sphynx yet, but hopefully sometime soon. I'm trying to be careful of scammers, but maybe too much so that I am scared to take the leap. WOW! I'm totally envious of all of you that have the talent to...
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    Exercise wheels

    What brand is the wooden one?