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  1. The-Gex-Files


    Furby also licks me a lot. I think it's just payback for me kissing him so often ;)
  2. The-Gex-Files


    Thanks! Canna was lying in the sun so it really was a lucky shot. Hi Ashley! Nice to see you here!
  3. The-Gex-Files


  4. The-Gex-Files

    Different Colored Eyes??

    The eyes are gorgeous!
  5. The-Gex-Files

    Emma's New Shirt...

    Love the shirt! My boyfriend don't like it when i dress them up, so i don't think i'm allowed to buy mor clothes...
  6. The-Gex-Files

    A couple of pictures of Beulah

    Love her color!
  7. The-Gex-Files

    It's been a long time.

    It's been a long time since i visited the forums. So i will share some new pictures of our cats. We have Furball for 2 years now and the ladies for 1,5 years. The ladies needed 1 year to fully become their selves and now they are almost like real Sphynx cats ;) Canna Miaula...
  8. The-Gex-Files

    I just could not resist...

    Jack looks so handsome!
  9. The-Gex-Files

    I just could not resist...

    We are from Holland.... I found them in a store with cheap things. Don't know if you guys have stores like that, but then it probably would be like a 1 dollar store... The charms are from Toys R Us.
  10. The-Gex-Files

    I just could not resist...

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  11. The-Gex-Files

    I just could not resist...

    Ever since we reserved Furby i had 2 necklaces for him ( well they are actually bracelets) but since he is a male, we never had them on him. Now we have 2 females, so i went shopping for 2 charms today. I think they look so cute!
  12. The-Gex-Files

    New ones.

    Today we made some new pictures, since they were enjoying the sun. Miaula. Miaula en Furby. Furby. Canna.
  13. The-Gex-Files

    New ones.

    They are doing fine now. They still have diarrhea, but we are giving them medicine for that. We think they just sleep a lot cause they need to get used to their new environment.
  14. The-Gex-Files

    New ones.

    We must say they are doing great. Better then we expected. Canna even came to say hello when we arrived home today after being out for a few hours. We think they will fit in great after a few weeks.
  15. The-Gex-Files

    New ones.

    Thanks. At them moment they don't like each other and one of the new ones is very grumpy. We can't touch her without her biting and attacking us... So hopefully she will calm down soon.
  16. The-Gex-Files

    New ones.

    We went to the animal shelter today to pick up 1 new kitty friend.... We ended up with 2 new ones, cause otherwise one would be left alone in the shelter.. They raided their former owners place because of a cannabis plantage, so they were kind of stoned the first weeks. Here are some pictures...
  17. The-Gex-Files

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome, we can't wait to see some pictures!
  18. The-Gex-Files

    How does your kitty display their love to you?

    Furby LOVES to sleep on me. Around my neck with his nose in my ear. Purring all the time... Very annoying when i want to sleep but can't cause of the noise. But when he isn't sleeping like that i feel disappointed... Luckily this doesn't happen often because it's like he is glued to me at night...
  19. The-Gex-Files


    Thanks for the replies!
  20. The-Gex-Files


    Angel: Demon:
  21. The-Gex-Files

    Whats your Sphynx cat favorite nap spot!

    Furball sleeps on my lap or in a basket. But at night he sleeps curled around my neck, with his head on my cheek. Very cute, but it can be annoying, since he can't stop purring in my ear....
  22. The-Gex-Files

    Furball & Freakshow

    We made some new pictures of both of them, not the best, but they are so cute...
  23. The-Gex-Files

    Furball is getting big.

    Thanks all!
  24. The-Gex-Files

    brown stains on teeth

    Furball also had black/brown teeth (all of them). He now has got his adult teeth and they are all very nice and white.