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  1. Mangosoccer11

    Breeder and HCM?

    Hi everyone!! Soo I've been wanting to buy a sphynx from this super nice breeder. She is not a scam, and she says that she wants a good family to buy her kittens. She really cares about the well being of her kittens. I've seen several pictures of her kittens and her nice house so I know shes...
  2. Mangosoccer11

    Please Help! Naming Kitten

    Hi everyone!!! I'm getting my baby in a week!! I have everything picked out for my sphynx except what I should call him. These are a list of names I thought of: Maximus Cyrus Edmund Zatara: from the movie The Count of Monte Cristo Kai Eckerd Sultan Oat Moose Oatus Aeris: Latin for air...
  3. Mangosoccer11

    Choose btw active or inactive cat?

    Hello!!! I'm getting a sphynx cat in 3 weeks. I've contacted the breeder, and I have everything in order EXCEPT ... I haven't chosen my sphynx kitten. My breeder has 2 male sphynx kittens. #1 male: very active and playful #2 male: quiet and content on snuggling #2 male: is a little...