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  1. Danielle

    Cricket's first week home

    danielleorama's Channel - YouTube
  2. Danielle

    I feel like a bad person...

    Around the middle of October we decided to get another sphynx cat. We've almost had Tammy for a year (Dec 10th) and I wanted her to have a sibling she could snuggle with and could keep up with her , compared to our fuzzy babies. I went with a different breeder than tammy, a really...
  3. Danielle

    My little tortellini passed

    Tonight our sweet little baby passed before she even got to come home. I'm just going to copy and paste my blog post here since my heads hurts too bad to write anything more about it. Around 8pm tonight I got an email from our baby's breeder. I was looking on my phone and could only see the...
  4. Danielle

    Tammy sees a moth

    Tammy's first time seeing a moth. It was way up high on the vaulted ceiling. I've seen her chirp a lil for the cat dancer but nothing like this before :LOL::LOL:
  5. Danielle

    Tammy's getting so big!!

    apparently im having problems posting videos :/ hope this works...
  6. Danielle

    Tammy's here!

    Well she's been here, but today is the first day since we've had her that I have a minute to post! Last Friday(Dec. 10th) I woke up so super excited to get her, we were supposed to pick her up at the San Jose airport at 7:45pm. As you may or may not know cargo flights they don't always go...
  7. Danielle

    Hello hello!

    I am just 6 days from picking up my new baby from the airport. It happened like this, my husband and I have 2 cats, Guppy is an 8 yr. old male tuxedo that we've had since he was about a week old(bottle fed and all that good stuff) and Moxie a 1.5 yr old black female that we've had a little...