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  1. Teri*D

    Seizures in cats?

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I been here, crazy busy life. Anyways, Chloe has had a few what we think are seizures. She gets in a daze and then is like paralyzed for a few seconds, I pick her up and hold and pet her until it passes. I have never exsperienced this before so I'm...
  2. Teri*D

    Does anyone know

    I am new to cats, never had one until Chloe so I don't know why they do some of the things they do. Chloe for weeks has gone to the same spot a few times throughout the day and will sit and look at the wall, there are times she will sit there up to a hour but normally it's about 15 to 20 min's...
  3. Teri*D

    Poor Chloe

    Friday nights I work till after midnight and get home around 1, last night I left around 4 to go to work and when my son got home apparently around 6 he got ready to leave for the weekend which he does every weekend! Well apparently he opened our little hall closet to get something and chloe...
  4. Teri*D

    A good toy?

    Sorry if im flooding the first page of this board with questions :Laugh: I plan to go over to pet smart tomorrow to try and find a toy for chloe to play with while I am away in Hawaii, I need something she will play and love but not kick it in the closet or under the couch, lol. I have little...
  5. Teri*D

    Is your cat lovable?

    chloe isn't, she doesn't like to be held, doesn't like to cuddle and is very skittish! My husband thinks it might be because when my son and his girlfriend got her as a baby they would leave her on the weekends and worked during the week a lot. She has been here with me for about a year now and...
  6. Teri*D

    I have a lot to learn about cats!

    This place has helped me with some questions, so thank you all! I know cats sleep a lot but Chloe normally comes down when I get out of bed and eats a little, plays and hangs out for a few hours with me, for the last few days she has come down with me and east a little and heads right back...
  7. Teri*D

    Wow, I didn't know!

    I really don't know a lot about cats but since I joined here last week I been reading some things I never knew! I didn't know you had to give sphynx baths, clean their teeth or ears as much. I only clean Chloe's ears once a month, I only use cat wipes to clean her and that's maybe once a month...
  8. Teri*D

    What do Sphynx cost?

    Chloe is my Sons but she is so attached to me that when he moves out he will leave her here! I know he paid a pretty good penny for her but i'm curious to what a normal cost is for them? I would love to get another one but my budget won't allow me to spend what my son paid:Sad:
  9. Teri*D

    Hi from Ca

    I just found this site and find it really interesting! I have never owned a cat in my life and over a year ago my son moved back home due to work issues, he asked to bring his sphynx cat with him and I was a little leery at first but agreed. Now I am so so close to Chloe (the cat), she is so...