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  1. nefariousmango

    Extracting all cats teeth for Stomatitis

    I know I'm really late to the party here but: Mr Mewton had all of his teeth removed when he was three because of some autoimmune problems similar to what your girl is suffering with. He's gained weight, is more active, and is much happier overall now that his teeth are gone! He had an...
  2. nefariousmango

    Kitty Insurance?

    We use Petplan, I think our med-level plan costs just under $500 a year for both cats (and the Peterbald has a lot of pre-existing conditions so he's slightly more expensive than our Donskoy). *Oh, and it's totally worth it! Mr Mewton (the PD) got a weird rash this summer and ended up going to...
  3. nefariousmango

    Bathing Sphynx Kitties

    Although it probably won't be a problem for you in Maryland, our cats dry out if we use Dawn. We use an all-natural oatmeal moisture dog shampoo and then smother them in coconut oil afterward. In the summer we don't need to oil them every time, but in winter we sometimes oil between baths...
  4. nefariousmango

    Special Needs Sphynx needs home

    What, exactly, is she allergic to? I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where it's dry and cool and not much grows, and people (and pets) often have less severe allergies here because of it. If most of the stuff she's allergic to isn't a problem here, we might be able to help you...
  5. nefariousmango

    Interested in showing our cats- never done it!

    Thanks for all your suggestions! It looks like we can show both cats in TICA shows, so I guess we'll keep heading in that direction. The next cat show near us is in March, so plenty of time! Cheers!
  6. nefariousmango

    Interested in showing our cats- never done it!

    We have two hairless cats, a Donskoy (Etta) and a Peterbald (Mr Mewton), and I would really like to show them! I used to show horses, it's obviously VERY different in that we competed in timed events but I know what "show clean" looks like. Any ideas on where/how to start? Mr Mews showed...
  7. nefariousmango

    Sphynx train my husband

    Your situation sounds like mine was: I'm an animal-loving country gal and my husband is basically afraid of nature. He had zero interest in having any pets, but that's never been an option. It took him a couple days to warm up to Mr Mewton, I think mainly because his personality is so...
  8. nefariousmango

    Denver, Colorado

    I wish we had room, but with our new Donskoy kitten we suddenly have too much cat in this house! Man, is she trouble! I live just West of Denver and I've looked at a fair few Sphynx cats in the area. Expect to pay $400 for a rehome fee, which I think is fair anyway, and do a vet check first...
  9. nefariousmango

    Desperately seeking sphynx in need of a pampered home.

    Welcome, and good luck! I am trying to help a lady find a home for hers, she has two young children and he's great with them so he might be a good fit. See my post- black Sphynx in Portland, OR :-)
  10. nefariousmango

    Black Sphynx in Portland, OR

    I said she wanted to get $700 for him, I had her talked down to $400 so I know she'll be reasonable. I'm not sure she realizes quite how outrageous her asking price was, I think people tend to be overly optimistic about the value of everything in this economy!
  11. nefariousmango

    Black Sphynx in Portland, OR

    I assumed so, but this is the cat's second owner as is :-( I don't even know if this owner has his papers. My concern is getting him into a home that will make sure he gets down to an ideal weight (I suspect he's still on the heavy side) and spoils him for the rest of his life!
  12. nefariousmango

    Black Sphynx in Portland, OR

    Dewey is a four year old (?) black Sphynx, neutered, in need of an immediate home. Owner's husband was just deployed and her grandmother hospitalized, and I was going to take him but I can't make it happen fast enough. He's always been healthy, has a wonderful laid-back personality and is...
  13. nefariousmango

    9 month old male in Utah needs home

    Sad! I would take a second special needs guy, but not for $500. I'm prepared to pour thousands into a cat like that, how is it fair for me to pay you to take that monetary responsibility off your hands? Really I just wanted to add to the special needs topic: As a medical volunteer at a...
  14. nefariousmango

    Denver, Colorado

    Aw, I wish I could justify the $800 and take one home, we're within an hour of these guys!
  15. nefariousmango

    Denver, Colorado

    Yeah, her owners clearly love her and she was in good health, they're just being smart and downsizing before they get another human grandchild to watch every day! She seems to be screening people pretty well, too. Said it took her ages to find the right home for her African Grey (she was...
  16. nefariousmango

    Denver, Colorado

    We went and met this little girl today, and boy is she fuzzy! Nice personality, wants to be with you all the time and is definitely a cuddler, her ears were a bit dirty but she and the male the family had were clearly bathed regularly. I felt bad for her, no claws! Ugh. She's a sweet cat...
  17. nefariousmango

    Gorgeous girl in Enumclaw, WA

    How far is Enumclaw from Portland? My friend is flying out to visit in three weeks and offered to help us with cat transport if we found one up her way! Also, Montana's a lot closer to me, that might work well if we could coordinate...
  18. nefariousmango

    Looking to adopt in Colorado, will travel, age/gender etc not important

    Thanks for thinking about us, Susi! I sent you a PM :-)
  19. nefariousmango

    Looking to adopt in Colorado, will travel, age/gender etc not important

    We have a Peterbald (hairless) who is very lonely since his best bud died last month (at the ripe old age of 20!). Unfortunately our Pd just had $4k in emergency vet care so the Sphynx kitten we had lined up is now out of our comfort zone price-wise. This is the only time we have ever been in...
  20. nefariousmango

    Found this lady on Craigslist

    I'm in Golden and would love this cat, we're looking for a companion for our Peterbald, but it said no other cats? Keep us posted!