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  1. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    MASSIVE Jump caught on video!

    So Hattie loves to jump off walls and such and she can get a lot of height but she usually does it out of our sight. In the new house we have a glass front door that she has taken to and finally caught her...and I am pretty sure this is her highest jump ever! My gasp at the end was sheer...
  2. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Floridian Swamp Cat and Kittens!?!?!

    Hello All! It has been a while since I have been on thanks to a busy household and my PhD studies. I came across this today and given our recent relocation to Florida I could not help but post it here for your viewing, laughing, or shuddering pleasure. :wideyed::wideyed: Enjoy...
  3. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    The Move has Commenced!

    Well @KansasSphynxDad and I along with our son, the three kitties, and our two dogs have left Kansas for Florida. We departed this evening and got about 120 miles before we found this GREAT motel! It is pet friendly and very nice. It also has pull through parking for our vehicles and trailers...
  4. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Homework Makes Raskol Sleepy

    Mom...homework is hard...you can do it..Ima sleep now k?
  5. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Hattie LOVES her Crochet Ball

    Hattie fell in LOVE with the crochet balls that we got for the Christmas gift exchange last year...and she fully displayed it for me today!
  6. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Raskol takes up guitar

    Our son has a bunk bed and was storing his electric guitar on the top bunk... where we thought the kitties could not get to it. Well...Raskol proved that to be false and shared his playing abilities. Needless to say the guitar is now in the closet. @KansasSphynxDad Sent from my iPhone using...
  7. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Long time no chat! :( Pics from us

    Hey all! I have seemed to lose touch a bit over the last couple months with settling into my new job working at home, school work, and summer with my kiddo home all day. We are excited to say that we did get our Christmas in July gift from the Beers family! It was AMAZING! Thank you @Cleopatra...
  8. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    My baby plays fetch!!!

    O M G! I have been trying to get this on video for a couple days. Hattie LOVES her sparkly balls and will bring them to me and I throw them...and she started bringing them back! She has progressively brought it back sooner and tonight is the best yet! I would share the video but it will not let...
  9. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    What mom??? I am comfy and dad got up

    So I stole his chair!! @KansasSphynxDad
  10. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Beautiful Kansas Spring Day = Sphynxies Outside

    After a trying weekend with Hattie (and still nursing her back to health) today has been much better. Sobe and Raskol have been so patient with having less of mom's attention so while Hattie was sleeping I decided to take them outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day. This is the first time...
  11. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Hattie at Emergency Vet

    Well our Saturday is turning out to be quite the nerve wracking day. Hattie woke up this morning and threw up, then refused to eat breakfast, and was walking around like she was constipated. She had shown no ill effects or concerning behavior until this morning. We called the vet and...
  12. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Cuddles all around

    Well today was a quiet day of reflection for me and my clowder knew I needed lovin. I was laid off from my job yesterday and although it was expected (I had been anticipating it since January) it was very odd not going to work today. I got lots of love from my babies which was much needed and...
  13. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Chasing the ever elusive..."ceiling ghost turds"

    So Hattie has an obsession with shadows and the ceiling. We say she is chasing "ghost turds" cause she stares very intently at "them" and wants to attack. Tonight she was caught in the act! (Raskol took part some too. I think he just likes to antagonize her into thinking something is really...
  14. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Today at the vet....

    [emoji445]One of these things is not like the others[emoji445] When I took the kitties and my toy fox terrier to the vet today the terrier was crying about wanting up on the table with the kitties. I put her up there and she promptly scooted into the carrier with the Sphynxies. As you can see...
  15. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Hattie HAD to have TEA!!!!!

    So Hattie just about knocks @KansasSphynxDad's cup of tea out of his hand every night trying to get a drink of it. Tonight we caught her on video for your viewing pleasure! Lol!
  16. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Homework??....distracted by the babies...again!

    All three have decided my lap is the place to be tonight. Never mind that I have a paper to finish?! "We are kittehs and we be the bosses....no writing for yous a night mama!"
  17. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Our Bee Hive....

    So we got matching costumes for our babies...we intend on getting pics with all three at the same time but this is our trial fitting @KansasSphynxDad
  18. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Update on Sobe

    Hi All, Vet called a couple hours ago after she did the abdominal and intestinal ultrasound in prep for her colonoscopy and biopsy. She said that portions of her small intestine are thickened as well as her colon. She also has enlarged lymph nodes in her intestines. She said it is for sure not...
  19. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Raskol has ARRIVED!

    He is here! Happy and lovey. He loved all over @KansasSphynxDad and has eaten and drank a bit of water. He said he is in great spirits and does not seem stressed at all from his plane rides! Thank you everyone for your support and to @alair for going above and beyond to make this an amazing...
  20. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Girls Cuddle Dad and prepare for Gotcha Day of Raskol!

    The girls are cuddling daddy this morning and being quite the homework distractors. They are giving him lovin before he brings home their new brother, Raskol, tomorrow! Counting down to "gotcha day" tomorrow!
  21. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Sunday Morning in the KsSphynx House

    Well my morning started out like this....cuddling with Sobe, Hattie, and our Toy Fox Terrier Peach. That is until @KansasSphynxDad came home with Breakfast pizza.... They LOVE the warm pizza Box! Love our babies!
  22. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    Hattie and Sobe Pics/Update

    Hey All! Wanted to share some new pics of the girls. We are STILL having the poo issue with them, Sobe got really sick about a month ago and had pancreatitis. She was at the vet during the day for 2 days on IV fluids to recover. Based on that the vet tested her for exocrine pancreatic...
  23. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    It's all in a name.....Where we got our girls' names

    Hello All! I recall someone asking me in a post (which I can't locate now) how we came up with Sobe's name as that is what they called South Beach. Well I wanted to share the origin of the names we gave our girls! Hattie is short for Hatshepsut who was the third woman to become an Egyptian...
  24. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    New Sphynx Parents!

    Hello All! We brought home our first baby girl Hattie in late February and within a week we knew we needed to go back to the breeder and get her sister, who we names Sobe and brought home in late March. They were born in late August 2013. Our lives have been forever changed by these girls and...