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  1. Janusz

    My cat lost her voice

    I have a quandary. My Mooshka LaRue has lost her voice. It is so bizarre. She was fine yesterday morning and last night, she was hoarse. The crew had a mild herpes flareup a couple of weeks ago and they were put on antibiotics and seemed fine up until this. Today, her voice is almost...
  2. Janusz

    Bright red blood in poop

    I noticed bright red blood on the poop in the litter box. The poop seemed very well formed. I am wondering if perhaps this could be constipation. I recently changed my kitties’ food from Stella & Chewy Duck to Hare Today a mixture of chicken and duck. The other day I noticed the poop was well...
  3. Janusz

    Janusz (Nooshie) and Mooshka LaRue’s sculptures

    I found this woman off of Etsy who is from Russia who makes these little cat sculptures from photos. They were only like $11 and worth every penny. So cute. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Janusz

    Show me your Sphynx car window stickers

    I kept seeing the same car window stickers like “If it has hair, it is just a cat” or “no hair, don’t care.” And although those are fine ‘n all, I thought I would come up with my own. Anyone else have some good ones? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Janusz

    Leaky watery eyes

    Hi y’all, I have a question and am hoping someone else has experienced this...selfishly, so they can lend some advice. :) My Mooshka LaRue has unusually leaky eyes. Always tearing up and I find myself wiping her face like 5 times a day. She has been this way since we adopted her 5 months ago...
  6. Janusz

    Poop question

    Anyone have suggestions/advice for a Sphynx who all of a sudden has loose stool? My Nooshie has had loose stool for awhile now. I brought him to the vet and they gave flagyl and tested his stool for parasites which was negative. I started him on FortiFlora about 3 weeks ago. He eats Stella and...
  7. Janusz

    New addition- stressed?

    Hello- I just got another sphynx from a breeder I got my other sphynx from. She is 2.5 years old. We will have her only a week tomorrow. We have another furry cat and a dog. My question is...should I correct her behavior if she lashes out at the other animals. She is odd...one minute she is...
  8. Janusz

    I cannot get my 7 mo. old to stop screaming when I am getting his food ready.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to get cat to stop screaming when I am preparing his food? Like literally screams and meows so loud it is beyond annoying. I have tried the water bottle and that does not work. I do not want to yell at him...he is my baby. It just seems like when it comes to...