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  1. Sphynx_Mama

    is it cat flu :(

    Okay guys update - we took the boys to the vet and they said as they were eating drinking,pooing etc it was fine and to keep an eye on them. Well now one of the boys has a red eye and and it was closed with gunk, they are both sneezing, coughing and look like they have flu :ThumbsDown: From what...
  2. Sphynx_Mama

    Cat food!!

    Okay as you all know I'm a newbie Sphynx Mama :BigSmile: Today when we were picking up their usual food I read the label 4% meat!! 4% !! I feel so silly :Angry: I really thought I was feeding them wholesome meat. Anyway I found a brand that has 60% so have changed to that hopefully I will...
  3. Sphynx_Mama


    :BigSmile: totally random but I'm feeling broody!! especially hearing about your friend Sam's baby. I have two baby girls 3 and 6 months. But I feel like I havent finished yet if that makes sense. My last birth was an unassisted water birth and was an amazing experience. :ThumbsUp:
  4. Sphynx_Mama

    Kittens play fighting - should I stop them?

    Sorry for the poor quality I will try and get a better one tomorrow. I just wanted some quick advice as you can see in the video they are play fighting but it gets to the stage where the "weaker" kitten will cry out. Should I stop it and if so how? Replacement String:
  5. Sphynx_Mama

    My kitten coughing *video* any advice?

    Hi :BigSmile: Please can you watch this video and tell me what you think. My husband thinks its after they eat and nothing to worry about. Replacement String:
  6. Sphynx_Mama

    Only joined yesterday but I have to RANT!!

    :Angry: Can you believe my husbands friend said " its disgusting we spent so much money on our kittens and that we should have spent the money on charity!! and the cost of food could be better spent on feeding starving children :Angry: I give in charity but dont we all have to have a...
  7. Sphynx_Mama

    Our first youtube video :)

    Replacement String:
  8. Sphynx_Mama

    Toilet training

    :BigSmile: week 1 - we have started - lots of litter mess all over the toilet floor as the tray is open and we have to clean everytime they use the tray. Lots of extra work at the moment but the end goal is worth it :BigSmile:
  9. Sphynx_Mama

    New Mama

    Our family has just been blessed with two baby boys. We have had them 1 week and already we have forgotten what life was like without them :Smile: I'm going to read the forum as I am looking for tips and advice on what to do when the boys start play fighting. they look like they are really...