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  1. nefariousmango

    Interested in showing our cats- never done it!

    We have two hairless cats, a Donskoy (Etta) and a Peterbald (Mr Mewton), and I would really like to show them! I used to show horses, it's obviously VERY different in that we competed in timed events but I know what "show clean" looks like. Any ideas on where/how to start? Mr Mews showed...
  2. nefariousmango

    Black Sphynx in Portland, OR

    Dewey is a four year old (?) black Sphynx, neutered, in need of an immediate home. Owner's husband was just deployed and her grandmother hospitalized, and I was going to take him but I can't make it happen fast enough. He's always been healthy, has a wonderful laid-back personality and is...
  3. nefariousmango

    Looking to adopt in Colorado, will travel, age/gender etc not important

    We have a Peterbald (hairless) who is very lonely since his best bud died last month (at the ripe old age of 20!). Unfortunately our Pd just had $4k in emergency vet care so the Sphynx kitten we had lined up is now out of our comfort zone price-wise. This is the only time we have ever been in...