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  1. Toa and Ross

    Cats Grieving

    Agree with @Catzzzmeow probably a new habit that started when in grieve. Enjoy the cuddles they give you
  2. Toa and Ross

    Peppermint The Bougie Kitty

    Welcome to sphynxlair. Peppermint is a sweetheart. So beautiful and cute. And like a princess spoiled rotten, as it should be!
  3. Toa and Ross

    Sphynx Memes!

  4. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  5. Toa and Ross

    Hello hoomans! I’m Wrinkle!

    Welcome to sphynxlair. Wrinkle is so beautiful. And adorable too!
  6. Toa and Ross

    I Was Forced To Have a Bath Today...But Then...

    Mister Pigpen looks so clean. The ice cream tuff is just a mark to remind you who he really is:-)
  7. Toa and Ross

    Feral Chronicles: TNR and Feeding Station

    You are the best! Thanks for helping Frankie. He looks so shy and sweet. Miss you!
  8. Toa and Ross

    My Baby Sam is in the arms of the angels , Fly high with brother Bubba Bear

    What a lovely tribute for Sam. Hugs and love
  9. Toa and Ross

    Fun Friday Cat Fact of the Day 7-1-22

    Happy 4th of July holiday weekend for all American Lairians!
  10. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  11. Toa and Ross

    Meet Teebee !!! New Bambino Sphynx owner :)

    Welcome to sphynxlair. What a beautiful cutie!
  12. Toa and Ross

    New Cat Mom

    Welcome to sphynxlair. Congratulations with your beauties. Your happy smile show all the love you have for them.
  13. Toa and Ross

    Humanz sayz they take me fishzing if I were this bell necklaze. I dont thinkz if this counts :(

    Oh those humans, always playing tricks om us. But the necklage looks very good on you. Love Jade
  14. Toa and Ross

    It just me, Ci Ci. Looks into my eyes, I hypnotize.

    Such stunning eyes!
  15. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  16. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  17. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  18. Toa and Ross

    Feline Sarcoid

    Good to hear she doesn't seem to be in pain and she's being her goofy self. I looks good after the removal. All fingers and paws crossed it won't come back. I have no experience with this issue. I searched in the threads that are posted before but don't see anybody mentioned this issue before...
  19. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  20. Toa and Ross


    Welcome to sphynxlair. Jax and Bentley are both so adorable. And very beautiful. So much fun to have two kittens!
  21. Toa and Ross

    Raphael update

    Oh poor Raphael! Anal gland issues are painful. As I understand from the vet that anal gland issues with cats often come back. You do all you can to prevent it. Sorry to hear about her sore back and teeth. Can imagine you worry about her with those issues. Remember she has your love and that...
  22. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  23. Toa and Ross

    The numbers game

  24. Toa and Ross

    Skin problems

    Sending healing vibes. Hope the vet can help. I heard from several members that FYsphynx can cause skin issues with a sphynx that is sensitive for allergies. But best to ask the vet!