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    Small cut or carpet burn on face?

    Hey everyone! During our morning wipe I noticed Ciri had a small cut or carpet burn on her face. Does anyone have any suggestions for care? I cleaned it with a wet wipe, but does anyone have any other suggestions for ensuring it doesn’t get infected? I don’t think it warrants a vet visit, but...
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    Diarrhea ... every 3rd or 4th poop!

    Hi Guys! My poor Ciri is getting diarrhea inconsistently but enough it's daily or every other day. Quite literally it's every 3rd or 4th poop, time of day doesn't matter. She is currently on Royal Canin, which is what the breeder suggested and started her on. She is now 6 months old, so I...
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    Let’s play a game…. Weird freckles or dirt?

    My little one Ciri seems to have dark markings appearing on the inside of her front and back legs…. I know they are dirt stains, but I have come to lovingly refer to them as her freckles, as no matter how hard I scrub they do not go away. Seriously the picture below (where she is wearing red...
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    Healthy weight?

    My little Ciri is 2.8 lbs now and is 14 weeks old. She has gained about .5 of a lb since we got her 2 weeks ago. She eats 1/4 cup of dry a day (just left out she eats when hungry) and a whole can of wet split into two meals. She is pretty energetic, and is quite a playful little thing...
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    Bathing Question

    Hello!! My little girl just had her second bath! So far I have been bathing her every week and a half. Is that an appropriate time frame? She was quite dirty this week but mostly on the rear hahah. I guess I’m asking how dirty is dirty enough for a bath? Also I find having Ciri wear a sweater...
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    Ciri’s First Night Home

    Hello everyone, Brought home my little one yesterday and she was a true dream until bedtime. The breeder highly recommended confining her to a small room to start when we are not home or at night for her safety. Well little Miss Ciri did NOT agree. She cried for 15 mins, then fell asleep. But...
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    Eye colour question….

    My little one is 8 weeks old now and the breeder thinks her eyes may stay green… thoughts? She is middle with her eyes wide in the photo! :) When does eye colour settle in Sphynx’s usually? Melissa
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    Royal Canin

    Hello, My breeder uses Royal Canin kitten but having done my research, Royal Canin isn’t really the best quality of food out there. I already know I will be using Acana First Feast for the dry, but in terms of a kitten wet food what are everyone’s thoughts on Tiki cat kitten food? Has anyone...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I have just joined the community! I just put my deposit down for my very first sphynx kitten and have loved reading all the great information in this forum! I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada but was born in the prairies ( Winnipeg). Excited to be a part of this amazing community! Melissa