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  1. Condo commando

    pseudomonas aeruginosa

    @Naboo75 Could he have a virus? One of my sphynxes tested positive for Calici virus and he sounds a little bit like you described. A virus doesn't have a cure. It can become dormant for a while, but then it can flare up again. Once the virus gets in the body, the body's immune system is...
  2. Condo commando

    Urgent Advice Needed - Sphynx has turned aggressive :(

    I would say he´s sick and tired of everything that´s being done to him. Give him a break. If he´s dirty, he´s dirty, it´s not the end of the world.
  3. Condo commando

    “Poopy butt”

    Metronidazole treats bacterial infection I'm pretty sure. I'm a bit confused because you say Milo was tested and didn't have any parasites but maybe the results could be wrong. Maybe somebody else can weigh in on this. Either way, I've had to give metronidazole in the past and what I found out...
  4. Condo commando

    “Poopy butt”

    Well, it could be from the anesthesia, I guess you can give it a few days. However, food allergies take a while to develop and so pet parents think that a certain food was fine before, but it really wasn't. With a kitten it's tricky. A probiotic is definitely a good idea but you're already...
  5. Condo commando

    “Poopy butt”

    What does he eat exactly? This is probably an issue with the food.
  6. Condo commando

    Yuto wants to say hi!

    @Yuto Hare Today is very good. The only thing is sometimes they run out of rabbit but you can always feed chicken or turkey. I buy the mixes of ground meat, bones and organs. You need to add a premix (also called a supplement). I use Alnutrin for Meat with Bones. I think Hare Today might sell...
  7. Condo commando

    Just got a little one

    Hej, I had not even noticed Denmark! I used to work for a Danish company (Danish Crown) so I got to visit DK a few times. Mostly I was in Jutland but I was lucky to have some very nice coworkers that took me to see different places. I went to Trelleborg, Roskilde and a few other places...
  8. Condo commando

    Just got a little one

    She's a bit skinny so let her eat as much as she wants. Kittens have small stomachs so they eat small meals, but they need to eat a lot of them. You might even leave food out for her. Once she's a little fatter you don't have to leave food out all day. If you're home all day, you could offer...
  9. Condo commando

    Just got a little one

    I have one with feline herpes. It's nothing like human herpes so don't worry. In a cat herpes shows up as cold symptoms so you can see runny eyes, sneezing, congested sounding and all that. One of the vaccines that all kittens get is a herpes vaccine. The problem is if they are exposed very...
  10. Condo commando

    Article about grain free issues on dogs and cats

    This is not news. Very big deal though. The problem was mostly with dog foods but some cat foods were also affected. Personally I have never liked those grain-free diets. In theory it sounds great but all they really do is replace the grains with peas and such which is just as worthless. They're...
  11. Condo commando

    Sick baby need advice

    If your vet is satisfied then OK. My point was just that the more protein the better You can see the dry food is a lot lower in protein than the turkey heart treats. Canned food is more like the turkey hearts - much higher in protein. (Keep in mind canned food has a lot of water so you have to...
  12. Condo commando

    Sick baby need advice

    @Kirsar I just wanted to add that for kittens a high protein diet is especially important. Dry food is convenient but unfortunately it's very high in carbs, not protein. Thus if you could feed her mostly wet food it would do her good. Petco right now is running a deal $10 off if you spend $50...
  13. Condo commando

    My Sam)

    @Misha24 Are you in Ukraine? The world is watching. Wish we could do more to help but we will help you rebuild. Take care of yourself and Sam.
  14. Condo commando

    Soft Kitten Treats

    Freeze dried food is really good for treats. Here are 3 links. Category | Hare Today All Products | Primal Pet Foods www.stellaandchewys.com/cat-food/freeze-dried-raw-cat-food/dinner-morsels-freeze-dried-raw-cat-food/
  15. Condo commando

    Neck Scratches!

    Their skin gets irritated very easily. IMO the best thing we can do is trim their nails and keep their skin clean. In between baths I use wipes to clean them especially around the face and neck. I have noticed cuts are more prevalent when I wait too long in between cleanings.
  16. Condo commando

    Good explanation of why cats develop urinary crystals and how to prevent them

    I tried lysine with 2 of my Sphynxes that get eye gunk but it didn't work for us. However, it doesn't hurt to try. PS - I have a mop too. I do the same, take the mop head off and wash it in the washing machine with hot water. Actually I have 3 mop heads so each one only has to clean a small...
  17. Condo commando

    Staph infection

    I'm sorry but I must have deleted them once we got over it. Basically the infection shows up as crusty marks on the skin. At first it looks like scratches but nope, it's an infection.
  18. Condo commando

    Good explanation of why cats develop urinary crystals and how to prevent them

    Salmon oil is usually added to food to get omega 3's. It's not for flavoring. You have to be careful when you use fish oils because a lot of fish oil supplements are high in omega 6's and you don't want that. Omega 3 is good (and also necessary) but omega 6 is not. So choose a fish oil...
  19. Condo commando

    Good explanation of why cats develop urinary crystals and how to prevent them

    Just one other idea for getting water into him - chicken broth. The easiest way to do it is to use just chicken thighs because the bones are big and easy to take out. The bones come right off when you simmer the meat in a pot of water and you can throw them out. You can tear the meat up into...
  20. Condo commando

    Good explanation of why cats develop urinary crystals and how to prevent them

    If your cat has crystals he shouldn't be eating any dry food. Let me also say, if you think that seeing your cat drink water is a good sign, that is incorrect. Often when they drink it's because they are somewhat dehydrated. The more they drink, the more dehydrated they are. Unless your cat has...
  21. Condo commando


    OK sounds like you are on the ball.
  22. Condo commando


    @Silke I was just wondering if you have someone staying with you by now? If yes, I would like to help you with the cost. If you have a PayPal account I could send you a donation and maybe even other members will do the same. You are already providing lodging. If enough of us chip in maybe we can...
  23. Condo commando

    My boy got out the house and came back acting differently

    I would guess he's scared of losing you so he's sticking to you. Being hungry makes sense since he didn't eat for 3 days. Hopefully he's back to his old self in a couple of days. One of mine got out and was lost for a whole week. She hasn't tried to escape since which I find interesting. My...
  24. Condo commando

    Which Grinder to Purchase?

    You're welcome. Believe me I've been there too.