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  1. GMPLAX23

    Terrible Surprise

    I thought Tut was constipated because I hadn't seen him use the litter box in 2 days but what happened was he started USING THE BASEMENT AS HIS LITTER BOX! :rage: I usually let him down there (only if i am home) thinking he is just running around and climbing but I won't be doing that anymore...
  2. Marerickson

    Raven having accidents.

    All of the sudden Raven has been peeing in weird spots. First the bathtub. Then on this little cat bed that has her toys in it. Now in the crinkly tunnel toy thing. (It isn't daily but each incident has been 2-3 days apart from one another) I thoroughly cleaned my tub and haven't allowed her...
  3. BusterTheCat


    Today, Buster had an accident. This has happened about three times before (all very spread out occasions). Once in a while, Buster will (usually when he's asleep) accidentally wet the bed and wake up very nervous and scared. He'll run off the bed and meow very oddly & loudly for a while after...