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  1. AshMac

    Looking for reputable Sphynx cattery in FL

    PLEASE PM me if you have any advice on this. I am interested in good experiences AND bad. Thank you.
  2. AshMac

    Grieving Kitty Mom Looking for Sphynx Kitten

    Hi. I'm Toupee's mom and posted here on the loss of my Sphynx after 18 wonderful years. I am looking for a Sphynx kitten with which to forge a new relationship. It is important to me that the breeder is responsible, reputable, and has a breeding program that tries to address HCM. I "can't take"...
  3. C


    Me and my wife would love nothing more in this world than to adopted,rescue a darling sphynx, we live in the east bay area California, you would truly be making our dreams come true if you could help us. Thankyou, Calvin and Maria Beasley
  4. Montanna

    Looking to Adopt in Missouri!

    Hello all! I've been on the hunt for quite a while for my first ever sphynx baby! I live in MO but I am willing to travel a bit for the purrfect hairless addition to my family. My messages are open. :love:
  5. wide eyes

    wide eyes

    those are the cutest baby blues
  6. bk89

    looking to adopt in Atl, Ga

    If anyone in Georgia or within a reasonable driving distance (florida, SC, alabama) is looking to rehome a sphynx kitten I am looking to adopt. I have another cat and small dogs so a young cat or an adult cat that doesnt care is a preference. Thanks!
  7. A

    Chocolate Male looking for his forever home (In FL)

    Bat Cat is an 8 year old neutered chocolate sphynx who is looking for his new home. He has an amazing temperament is very vocal and requires all of the love and attention he can possibly get. (I think) He would do better as the only cat as he is a jealous boy who wants complete and undivided...
  8. Barbie

    Looking to adopt in Alabama!

    I am desperate to find a sweet hairless for my boys and I. My husband passed recently, and we could use the companionship! A younger one would be ideal, but an adult that's good with dogs (Italian Greyhounds, the sweetest little dogs ever) and children would be perfect! I am having no luck...
  9. SassyTheSphynx

    Sassy + one?!

    Jordan and I have recently talked about adopting another hairless blessing to give Sassy some more company during the day, him and I both work and Sometimes she wont see one of us for a whole day! Then when we get home we are so exhausted we only have a little bit of time for play and snuggles...
  10. BertBert

    Looking for a Sphynx to adopt near Albany, NY

    I recently lost my sweet Sphynx boy to cancer. My heart and home feel so empty without him. I'm looking for information on reputable breeders within a reasonable distance. My Sphynx was a rescue, from a breeder bust. He was a source of constant joy. I miss him terribly, but am ready to open my...
  11. Ambrownq

    Connecticut and nearby states.

    Looking for an adoptable Sphynx, In this area for my sister. She will be turning 18 next month and she loves my Sphynx and my sister's Sphynx as well. I would love to get a cat for her for her birthday.
  12. multii


    Hey~ I am currently looking to adopt a hairless sphynx (hopefully a kitten but younger or super cuddly older is fine too) (I say that but honestly i am ok with any age as long as they are willing to love me!) I am 20 years old I live alone and am home most of the time and will be giving my full...
  13. Kimberly Brown

    Yoda needs a new home

    Hello everyone. I have a very special sphynx cat that needs to find a new home. Yoda is a 2 year old neutered male purebred sphynx. He's white and has beautiful pale green eyes. He is an absolute lover. Not an aggressive hair on his body. He loves to cuddle and lick your face. Unfortunately I...
  14. icutmyelbows

    Sphynx wanted!

    hellooo, my name is jessica and i have a beautiful 10 month old lavender tabby boy and he's pretty much the best thing ever. but i do notice that he gets very bored and lonely when he's alone at home when i'm at work. i'm looking to adopt another sphynx for him to play with and accompany him...
  15. Breanna

    Wanting a best friend for my sphynx in CA

    I'm looking to adopt a sphynx of any gender or age as long as they are loving and can get along with another cat. I have a female sphynx who turned one in March and I feel like she needs a feline friend. She is energetic and loving and gets along very well with other animals. I try to take her...
  16. rinakat87

    Looking to adopt and have a new family member in Dallas!

    Hi all! I'm looking to adopt a Sphynx and welcome them to the family(Even though it's just my boyfriend and I along with our little French Bulldog). :) Please feel free to contact me through here! I live in Dallas so anyone in the surrounding area, let me know! Looking forward to hearing...
  17. Don Waffle

    Donskoy in West TX Needs New Home

    Hello! I'm in San Angelo TX and I'm looking for a new home for my little Yuri. He just turned one year in March. Yuri is a sweet little guy who needs and loves bucket loads of love. The little attention skunk is known to jump up on anyone (Even people new to meet him) just to rub chins. I...
  18. amhoneyliz

    Looking for a naked kitty in Illinois

    Hi there! I'm currently looking to adopt another fur less friend for both myself and my current kitty Ophelia. I don't have preference in color or age as long as they're happy healthy and okay with another cat. Please contact me through private message on the lair.
  19. Imported Item

    Imported Item

    Paxx's first night home.
  20. flower

    How to Detect fraud sphynx cat adoption ads

    What are some blatant and obvious signs of fraud or scams have you read about or stumble upon? Have any tips to avoid fishy transactions and deals. I would love to know some pointers, feel free to share.