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  1. ThackerySphynx

    New Sphynx Momma, and her boy Rumple- advice please :)

    ok I’m well aware I’m newbie bare with me, and forgive possibly silly questions. So last Monday July 13th we brought home our tiny Boy Rumple. He’s 15 weeks almost 16 now. however this guy is filthy- how do you stretch cleanliness between baths? hes only had one bath here as it’s been a week...
  2. Zelouise

    We're Finally Sphynx Mommies - In Need Of Advice!

    Hello Sphynxlair Family :) My partner and I recently became parents to our long awaited boy, Farrow. He is a beautiful Harlequin Sphynx and his dad has won 1st place in multiple cat shows here in South-Africa. We were truly blessed when the breeder notified us that she had one more kitten left...