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    soldier looking to adopt sphynx in Fort Campbell area

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this place. I'm mark I'm 30 yrs old and I'm an avid cat lover. I have 4 right now, but I've always wanted a sphynx of my own. I believe I can provide a safe, loving and warm environment for my new friend should I be given the chance. If my 4 cats could talk they would...
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    New here!

    Hi! We are new here! Just got our first Sphynx baby on April 8. He's 3 months old and we are so in love with him! I named him Akhenaten after the alien pharaoh of Egypt. Akhen for short. My wife and I also have a 1 year old human boy ;) So excited to have found sphynx lair. The picture with his...