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  1. Anita Eccleston

    Had to share

    hi guys I had to share this my daughter sent me , I found it quite funny hope you do ; Sorry about the “s” word ! But I was really down and my daughter sent me this via a txt message and it did make me smile so mission accomplished Sarah ❤️ Hugs Anita & Cleo xx❤️❤️
  2. Anita Eccleston

    I know this to be true !!!

    I did learn this the hard way !! Even some dogs also So true my Cleo loves to hunt plants ! Warrior princess Cleo ! Hugs Anita & Cleo xxx❤️❤️❤️
  3. Anita Eccleston

    It’s only a winters ( cat tail )

    hello there , everyone I love our special minuets together with my Cleo , I was stroking Cleo and I always go from neck to end of her tail . First time I’ve realised this ( I’m not very bright ah ha ) Cleo as a purrrrfect straight spine and I love her tail lol BUT where her spine and tail meet...