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  1. E

    Kitten has anal sores??

    Hi everyone, I bright my baby Egg home 4 days ago and have noticed there’s odd sores or something on the sides of his anus. His stools have been loose and smell terrible. But otherwise he seems in high spirits, eating and drinking well. My vet doesn’t have an appointment for 3 weeks, which I...
  2. stewardyhoward

    Anus seems red

    Hey everyone my little howard had really dry flaky skin around his eyes for some weeks, it felt dampish. Due to this i changed his food - only without grain (i totally know that it's not good in any cat food, but they just like this brand and i really have problems to change them to all...
  3. Karen

    dirty bottom or infection.

    Can anyone post pictures of what a straph infection on a Sphynx look like? I need to know if my baby have an infection or just a crusty bottom. It started with me wiping and cleaning too much. The skin there became dry and dirty. The type of dirt that do not wash off. Coconut oil made it...