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  1. Yoda mom

    Arthritis supplements/treatments?

    @NinaGato , and all, Looking for suggestions to help out my dads wife ( best friends ) Tonight she gave me update that her sweet older kitty was now diagnosed with Arthritis I have my go to stuff for dogs but clueless on kitty products that actually work for arthritis Her Vet sold her...
  2. Wrinklestiltskin

    Kitty Cat Arthritis

    Miss Kitty is a healthy, fairly active (for her age) 14 year old sphynx. We have had our share of health situations through the years, but all have been managed over time and she is doing very well. She recently had radioiodine treatment (I-131) for hyperthyroid and is now cured. However...
  3. Taraforweb

    Supplements for arthritis??

    I posted Neenee's results in the other thread- but includes the below as well. We are going to start supplements for joint health and I am looking at options. Has anyone used joint supplements? Any brands of supplements better than others? Will your cat eat the treat version or do you...