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  1. jtkirk

    Breeders in Brisbane

    I live in Brisbane (AU), and I've just recently started my search for a sphynx of my own. I fell in love with a beauty I met a few months ago, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I've done heaps of research over the past couple weeks, and although this will be my first sphynx...
  2. Anansi

    Vet in the Brisbane area.

    Hey guys I have started doing some research into vets in Brisbane that specialise in cats and potentially Sphynxs or at least have prior experience and was wondering if any of the Australian members knew of any good vets. I am not opposed to driving to get to the vet but would prefer it closer...
  3. Anansi

    Wet/Dry cat food in Australia/NZ

    Just doing some research on what wet/dry food brands people are using down under (Aus/NZ) a lot of the brand's I have seen recommend are not readily available in this part of the world and my partner and I would rather not spend a fortune shipping in food since shipping prices are obnoxious for...
  4. Anansi

    Australian Sphynx Mums

    Hey just wondering if any Australian shpynx mums had any holy grail products that they use for their babies? A lot of the products I see on here are not easily available in Brisbane and was just curious as to what people use! Thanks guys.
  5. Anansi

    Sun Safety Questions

    Hey, My partner and I are finally in a position to be able to add a Sphynx into out small family at the start of the new year and I am doing as much research into their care as possible, because it's the only thing keeping me sane while I wait haha. My main question was for sun safety since I...