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bacterial infection

  1. Ty Blaze

    Underbelly, inner-leg discoloration.

    Hello everyone! I have two little ones (Abu and Jasmine). Abu is covered in black peach fuzz, and Jasmine is a Peterbald. Abu has developed a discoloration on his under belly that I am unsure of what the cause would be. I had taken him to the vet a month ago regarding this issue and they gave...
  2. L

    Kitten got Viral and Bacterial Infection - Should I Be Worried?

    Hello all! I could really use some advice. We are planning on bringing home our first sphynx Luna on the 19th. Her breeder just let me know that Luna got very sick last week. She needed 2 vet trips. It was a viral infection that became a bacterial infection. She's on antibiotics now and is...