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  1. QueenBeanToes

    New sphynx kitten -Kyng

    This is my new babe Kyng. He is a long legged experimental bambino. He's a blue and white with big beautiful eyes. He's a tank and literally insane, but a cuddle monster. His favorite place to sleep is on my face. My other sphynx , Bean, is really enjoying having a baby brother! Although I...
  2. Bambinofanatic

    Can anyone assist me in my search for a Bambino?

    Hello! I've come across this form while searching up some facts on Bambinos-- this community seems to be knowledgeable, and I'm hoping to get some connections, opinions, and facts on these naked munchkins. I'm located in Hawaii and have been searching for a reputable Bambino breeder within...
  3. NevynNoir

    Little Guy Isnt Doing Well :(

    My little guy Wonton is in a very very bad state right now. His blood tests have come back with him having severe kidney damage as well as a blood infection. I have posted a full forum post that includes everything about his current state, which you can read here Not sure my little guy is going...
  4. NevynNoir

    Worried My Young Cat Is Dying

    I have a Bambino/Sphynx who I purchased last year from a local breeder in town. Very quickly after getting him I realized that he wasn't like most cats. It was very clear to me that he had some mental impairments (Im assuming from irresponsible breeding) I emailed a very lengthy email to the...
  5. Kandiqueenfein

    My Sweet Little Bambino Dobby❤️

    Hello everyone my name is Rhonda. I am a medical assistant in an obstetric and gynecology office I have two kids 12 and 19, and my husband Scott! We live in Florida. We actually have four cats an 18-year-old male Tabby cat, a 16-year-old Male Balamese , a 3-year-old male Hemingway cat, and...
  6. NevynNoir

    Help...Kitten Wont Stop Climbing Me

    My little guy Wonton is about 15 weeks old now, and we've been having a major issue with him climbing/jumping/digging his claws into my legs. Basically as soon as I get up, walk around or stand up, he's right there trying to climb me, or at least planning his method of attack. I will scold him...
  7. NevynNoir

    Brand New!

    Wanted to introduce mysel,f and my little guy whos name is Wonton. Hes been with me now for a week and a half and has been an absolute joy and purrrfect addition to my family which includes two 7 year old Siamese siblings. Brothers by NevynNoir posted Feb 26, 2015 at 1:39 PMWonton on his...
  8. Avery

    Devastating Illness - you too?

    Hey everyone, I love my bambino, Piglet. She is the greatest pet ever but unfortunately she is always sick and she is only 2. She had a cold day 1 when I recieved her and keeps getting worse. In March 2014 one of her blue eyes started to turn green. I took her to many vets and it was...