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bathing issue

  1. M

    Orange stains the day after bathing

    Hi everyone! My 4 month old kitten has been getting dirty the day after his bath. It's like the bath never even happened. I've only washed him twice so far since receiving him, with 2-3 weeks in between each bath. I read that not washing off the soap correctly might be the cause so I made...
  2. Siriusphynx

    Skin moisturizing alternatives- oil sensitivities

    Hey all I'm hoping to get a little input on some skin sensitivities. Our bathing routine tends to be pretty basic: I fill the bath get them in and soap them down I use a very mild washcloth. Rinse and then put a small amount of coconut oil on after. (I've tried before as well but I don't always...
  3. M

    Any help welcome - Problems with Skin and Bathing

    Hi All, My name is Melissa and I am a first time pet owner in general and kitten mom to an adorable hairless kitten born in July. I am struggling with just about everything regarding skin care and bathing and unfortunately my vet doesn't have answers for me. I gotta say I feel like I'm really...