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  1. admin

    What product do you bathe your sphynx with?

    Please tell us, what product do you use to give your sphynx a bath.
  2. luckypenney17

    Dry skin

    I don't bathe my guy very often, once every two months due to dry skin( I wipe his face and neck daily). I've been using baby shampoo but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a natural hypoallergenic one.
  3. BusterTheCat

    Update on Buster's bathing!

    I made a post a while ago about how much Buster hates his baths and asked for suggestions. I remember reading somewhere that it could be helpful to put a treat on a floating object in the bath. I kept treats in the bathroom and put a couple leading to the bath so he could walk up to it on his...
  4. BusterTheCat

    Sphynx Baths

    Hello! My boy Buster is eight years old and he's always hated his baths. He always tries to run out and sometimes succeeds and gets the floor all wet. It's not a huge problem, but it makes bath time much more difficult. I feel like I can't even do a great job cleaning him because I have to...
  5. sigridur

    Getting dirty really fast?

    Hi so I'm new hear I've had my sphynx for 2 weeks today :) I was wondering, he seems to be getting pretty dirty fast, i gave him a quick bath yesterday and he's already pretty brown on the chest area and back legs and around his butt - so i took a wash cloth and cleaned most of it away but what...
  6. How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe your sphynx cat. http://www.sphynxlair.com - The largest Sphynx cat community in the World!
  7. admin

    My sphynx cat is dirty!

    So you ask yourself, Why is my sphynx so dirty all the time, one day after bathing he is a filthy mess again! Sometimes my sphynx even becomes a bit "smelly." Have you noticed that your sphynx favorite napping spot is brown and oily looking? Have you stroked your sphynx back and found an oily...
  8. admin

    Bathing your Sphynx Cat

    Sphynx cats tend to show dirt and oil for the lack of fur, their skin produces the same oils as a fully furred cat (sebum), but the oil is not spread or hidden in the fur. Some sphynx cats will get dirtier more frequently than others. Keep in mind more frequent bathing can actually cause your...