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best food

  1. HybridSphynx

    Sphynx Food - recommendations

    I know alot of you sphynx parents like ot avoid the grain included foods and i recently found out why lol. I was going to switch over to Taste of the wild for felines but the store I went to only had The fish and salmon kind of Taste of wild for felines. I'm not sure if she is but i was told...
  2. pussiette

    Sphynx with Skin Conditions - What are you feeding?

    :oops:*This thread is for sphynx that have a skin conditon/allergy/irritable bowel syndrome only*:p Hi I know this has been asked a bit in all different threads but I think it would be helpful in a dedicated thread so nothing is lost and you don't have to jump around to other threads to get the...