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best shampoo

  1. JaniinaEklund

    The best shampoo for sphynx and bathing routine?

    Hi everyone, I just got Ade home a week ago and soon is the first bath with him. For that I would like to ask your tips regarding shampoo and the basic bathing routine (if there is any). What shampoo are you using and how do you handle the bathing? How often do you bath? Does your cats like...
  2. pearlpollard

    Burts Bees Shampoo?

    Hey all! Wondering who uses or have used Burts Bees unscented/tear free baby shampoo on their Sphynx? Good or bad experiences?
  3. curlysue

    Amazing shampoo

    Ok, so I am kicking myself for not buying this D-greaser shampoo 4 years ago. It came via FedEx yesterday around 5pm and bath time was on!! I got the scrubby gloves and Fuzzy and started with the nasty nail dirt. It was amazing how I didn't need to scrub and the toe jam came right off. I...