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  1. Being curious with Alex

    Being curious with Alex

  2. Lumi

    Azrael the Sphynx

    Hello my name is Azrael, and my mom and dad have waited years and years and years to find me and bring me home! I was born on March 21st, 2018 and am the only solid baby from my litter of all brothers! My mommy was 3rd in line and the other mommy's chose my brothers - I was the exact kitty my...
  3. Monkey and Bare

    Face markings

    Hello all, just a couple of quick questions about my boys face - has any one else’s ever hurt themselves like this? (Photo attached) It may have been when he was playing with his sister but I wasn’t here to see it! Also, interested to know if anyone else’s has a birthmark like Bare does...
  4. Tatianna

    Lilac Sphynx; Indigo Giza

    Yesterday I officially became a sphynx owner. I live in Massachusetts and took a four hour drive to New York to pick up my beautiful 3 month old lilac mink kitten, whom I named Giza (I feel he has super Egyptian look). He was an only child, and is much more timid than many of the other kittens...
  5. Sweater Weather

    Sweater Weather

  6. Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

    Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

  7. bucket baby

    bucket baby

    poor thing didn't wanna get out!
  8. paxxon's first christmas

    paxxon's first christmas

    house elf
  9. summertime sadness

    summertime sadness

    all he wants to do is stay outside on the balcony, but he's just too delicate out there
  10. mum&me


    took a lot of maneuvering to not flaunt his manhood in this photo
  11. Imported Item

    Imported Item

    Paxx's first night home.