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breeding trends

  1. Lanuesphynx

    Starting my first sphynx cattery

    Hi sphynxlair! My husband and I are starting to plan creating our sphynx cattery in our home. I want to know EVERYTHING. How often have you needed to do a C Section?? How big is your queen sphynx?? How old are your queens when they start?? Do you prefer using a stud service or owning the...
  2. Monica

    Stepping on my soapbox... *rant alert*

    Can I gripe for a second? Many of you know, I’m getting my first sphynx late this month, after five long years of waiting! I am over-the-moon and excited to finally have one of these coveted creatures join my tribe!! I LOVE and adore everything about this breed; from the giant lemon eyes, big...