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  1. chickiewawa

    eye boogeys

    Oscar gets eye boogeys everyday. They are kinda big and more firm than soft. Is this normal?
  2. LuckDuck

    Can you get brown stains off adult teeth?

    Hey everyone, I hope someone can give me a bit of help. I have a white odd eyed girl and have had her since she was 8 months old. Now she is a little over a year. She eats a healthy raw diet, well mostly. She just wants to eat chicken but I have slowly been getting her to eat other things...
  3. Fester

    brown stains on teeth

    Morning all! When I took 5e to the vet for a herpes flair-up(he's doing fine), the vet noticed some brown stains on his teeth. After checking that the enamel was stained (i.e. not tartar), he pulled out his stack of medical texts, 'cause he had heard of something like that, but couldn't...