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  1. rmiller96


    Hello everyone! I moved to Los Angeles from Florida this January after a long battle with cancer in 2020. I’ve always wanted a Sphynx kitten, and especially after being bald from chemo, I can relate to them lol! I’m ready to give a sweet little hairless baby a loving home! Any tips, tricks, or...
  2. hcraft

    The passing of my Sphynx Cat - Grieving remaining Sphynx! Help!

    Hello Sphynx Lair, This is my first time posting on this forum and would appreciate any advice you may have! Here is my situation - I had two sphynx cats - Archibald and Aura (both almost 6 years old). My baby girl Aura got ill quite suddenly (she ended up having what the vet's thought was...
  3. KhaosKatze

    Gone but not forgotten Gizmo

    Its been a while since I posted. Last night I had to do the most painful and hardest thing ever. As a cat mom and sufferer if depression and chronic illness my precious Donskoy Gizmo was a joy and huge part of my life and my husbands. I adopted him through a rescue site from a owner needing to...
  4. Justified143

    Vaccine site induced cancer?

    Has anyone heard of Sphynx or any other cats getting cancer from their vaccine site? My 7 year old male Sphynx got a huge tumor on his back, between his shoulders. I've taken him to two vets and both agree that his mass was caused from his vaccination site. He had surgery to have it removed...
  5. A

    My sphynx needs to have his leg amputated

    hi, im new to sphynxlair.com so I'm not really sure if this is where I should post this. I'd really appreciate some help and support! My sphynx is almost 2 years old and he spontaneously developed a pretty big tumor on his front upper right leg...i took him to the vet and its vaccine induced...