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car ride

  1. Marerickson

    What to bring on gotcha day?!

    Hi all! My gotcha date ended up getting pushed back a week so I get my little girl this Thursday!! It is a 4hr car ride from the breeder's home to mine. What do you guys recommend I bring to make that ride as comfortable and easy for her as possible? I appreciate all suggestions!! Thanks :)
  2. SupplyPipe28

    Travel Advice for Mountain Trip?

    Hello all, We'll be bringing our little guy with us on our annual anniversary trip to the mountains and this will be our first road trip together so we're looking for some tips/advice. The drive will be about 6 hours (with our usual stops in between) and we'll be staying in a pet-friendly hotel...
  3. Lisa L

    2 Sphnx in one carrier

    Hi there, I'm about to get my second sphynx! So excited! My current sphynx likes to join me on short car trips to see my great grandmother. So I am curious if folks recommend that when the second one has joined our family, if it is a best practice to always travel in separate carriers or if...