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  1. NevynNoir

    Questions About Walking/Bringing Cat Outside

    Hey there I am hoping I might be able to get some information/suggestions about this topic. I want my kitten to be comfortable going on errands with me, and short walks and such and I am wondering what the best method to get him used to this would be. Currently hes been outside with me a few...
  2. Aja

    Should I take my Sphynxes in the car?

    I'm visiting my parents this weekend and i'm very nervous about leaving Herbie (5 months) and Pearl (13 months) alone. I plan on hiring a pet sitter to come over to feed and check in on them.. but i was also considering taking them on the journey with me. However the car ride is 6 hours and we...
  3. Crombie00

    Car travel options...

    I have two sphynxs so I have them in their carrier but would love to have them be able to see w.o being able to roam.Don't want to wreck!! What are my options.My carrier is mostly closed with little mesh that can't easily be seen thru.