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cat diarrhea

  1. N

    Several weeks of diarrhea =(

    Any and all help is appreciated! TIA!! Our ~7year old sphynx cat has been having diarrhea for several weeks now. We tried giving some probiotics, which seemed to help a little but didn't make diarrhea go away. After 7 days of probiotics, we took him to a vet who took a stool sample and...
  2. kahluasmom

    What has worked for your Sphynx diarrhea

    My sphynx is almost a year old. Caught her about a week 1/2 ago licking milk from my kids cereal bowls, and she had also licked maple syrup off my sons breakfast plate. Shortly after about a day later, she developed severe diarrhea. Its still going strong after taking her to the vet. They...