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cat diarrhea

  1. HClower

    Eat, Poop pure water within 15 minutes, repeat. PLEASE HELP!

    So I brought in an unaltered, 2 year old female sphynx back in April. I already had a year and a half old altered male. I knew she wasn't utd on her vax, but was told she was healthy and there were no issues. Got her home, bringing iams kitten food along from the original owner as she said this...
  2. N

    Several weeks of diarrhea =(

    Any and all help is appreciated! TIA!! Our ~7year old sphynx cat has been having diarrhea for several weeks now. We tried giving some probiotics, which seemed to help a little but didn't make diarrhea go away. After 7 days of probiotics, we took him to a vet who took a stool sample and...
  3. kahluasmom

    What has worked for your Sphynx diarrhea

    My sphynx is almost a year old. Caught her about a week 1/2 ago licking milk from my kids cereal bowls, and she had also licked maple syrup off my sons breakfast plate. Shortly after about a day later, she developed severe diarrhea. Its still going strong after taking her to the vet. They...