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cat tree

  1. Fayiza

    DIY Cat Tree

    Today’s project! In anticipation for my baby Marceline’s arrival I am working on building her cat tower/tree. Slowly converting my apartments support column into a cat post! I live in a studio apartment so we have limited floor space for cat trees. Soooo I decided to use the post I already have...
  2. Maddie

    Astrid's Custom Cat Tree!!

    So, as you guys might know, I hate cat trees lol anyone I have found is horribly ugly. Plus I'm not paying 500$ for something that has no play value and is made of fur nastiness. BUT my nanna found a lady that custom makes cat trees!!! So I finally got exactly what I wanted and tailed to Astrid...
  3. Maddie

    A DIY "Cat Tree"... Astrid's Chair

    So, I am almost done Astrid's chair. It is an old telephone table. I feel bad for the lady who sold it to me lol. She still was in love with the piece. I neglected to tell her it was being redone for a kitty. Now I just have to add some rope to make some scratching places and add some toys and...
  4. Maddie

    Cat Trees Recommendations!

    Hi, I'm looking at getting Astrid a cat tree to go along with my DIY project I still need to finish.... the weather needs to heat up so I can paint! Lol I found a person where I am that makes them, so I can pretty much Frankenstein the best of everything to get the ultimate cat tree! Lol and...
  5. Shontae

    Cat Tree Conundrum/Alleviating Boredom

    So I am looking at all of these cat trees, and I am finding that they are soooo expensive which I wouldn't mind but they also are ugly and not well made! So I am wondering several things: What is everyone's favorite cat tree, or cat scratching/climbing set-up? Cat tree vs. cat climbing walls...
  6. GMPLAX23

    New Kitten Questions- SUGGESTIONS

    Hi everyone I am getting ready for my Kitten to come home and I am buying things for his homecoming! I don't want to get too overzealous. I have been looking at cat trees and travel carriers. -Should I invest in a cat tree before he comes home? I'd like to see if he likes to climb UP before I...
  7. BusterTheCat

    Getting ready!!

    Just bought & set up a new cat tree! Our cats think they are being spoiled with all the new supplies but what they don't know is that they are about to have a new brother! Friday is Gotcha day and it doesn't feel real!! Here's a shot of Buster on our new tree:
  8. skunkfoot

    Cat tree!

    Anyone have recommendations for an awesome cat tree? We just moved into a bigger house and I have room finally to spoil my kitties with a cat tree. I want something stable enough to put on hard wood floors and it to also have sleep/play stuff low enough to the ground for my elderly cat but also...
  9. Trulyblessed324

    male or female? and best cat tree?

    I've been talking to a breeder for a little over a week now and she said she could put me on her waiting list, then she asked if I was looking for a male or a female. I wasn't sure what to say because i really don't know. any opinions on which gender is more loving or affectionate? I know I...
  10. lolvo

    Cat Trees Suitable For Softpaws/Clipped Claws?

    Hi all, (I'm not going to name names here, but you can PM me if you want to know the brand I'm referring to.) Can anyone recommend a good cat tree (preferably floor-to-ceiling) for a sphynx with clipped claws and/or nail caps? I just got the tree that I ordered in the mail yesterday, and poor...
  11. BluesMummy

    Our New Cat Tree...

    So since im home & feeling better ive noticed the boys tree has broken, apparently Stitch had tried climbing into it but Blue said daddys not telling me the full story, so Blue picked a new tree & an hour after him helping to put it up its finally finished !!!
  12. Cat Dancer

    New cat tree!

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Saturday. I spent my morning pursuing the local pet stores (think the workers are starting to recognize me) & bought a tree for my little Quincy! The quality was great and it was on sale too...but getting it & my boyfriend to fit into my car was...
  13. S

    Big problem, fleas on my sphynx!

    So I found a cat tree on Craigslist. 5ft tall, nice. We already have one but i wanted one for the backside of the house as she likes to watch birds.. Drove out to the middle of nowhere to get it Saturday Night... And now Sophia has Fleas!!!! This is the only logical place she could have...