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  1. V

    Sphynx cat keeps vomiting*barfing*

    So my cat was healthy until he hit the 1-year mark and I changed his food, after that all the problems began to come, so I started another thread a while ago regarding blood in stool almost always, I changed the food to royal canine hairball and the problem stopped thank god. Now my problem is...
  2. dodocats

    cute kitten playing video

    Hello my friends how are you ? how are you spending the weekend? now how about a cute kitten playing and having fun video she is so adorable little cat playing and discovering an old sandal hope you will like it :) take care till next time :D
  3. Wyfwulf

    Spaying personality change?

    Today Sansa is getting spayed (most likely). I'm worried that it will change her personality, because even though she can be really crazy and gets into moods scratching everyone (playfully), it has grown on me and I don't want to see her any less rambunctious. Has anyone's female cat's changed...
  4. Wyfwulf

    Vomiting and bloody rectal discharge

    I have been noticing bloody anal discharge from my 5 month old kitten when she poops. I wipe it off every time but it keeps coming back, and I waited to see if it would go away because I thought it may have been her somewhat recent change of diet. It has not gone away yet and recently she has...
  5. dodocats

    Belly dancing cat

    have you ever see a belly dancer cat :cat: watch this talented cute cat dancing belly dance very funny must seen :)
  6. dodocats

    how to bond with cats

    watch how to bond with cats in few seconds very adorable cat people you will love it :)
  7. Jacks153

    Cats & Cat Year Conversion! Did you know?!

    Cats and Cat Years Conversion Converting between cat years and human years isn't as simple as using a factor of 7 (as some people erroneously think with dogs, and sometimes cats). The main reason is that cats mature quickly in the first couple of years of life. To convert cat age to an...
  8. T

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx. Houston, Tx. Age/gender does not matter.

    Hello, I am looking to adopt a Sphynx cat in Texas. I do not want to buy a kitten from a breeder so if you are a breeder, please do not contact me. I would like to give a good, loving, forever home to a cat that needs to be rescued or re-homed for whatever reason. Gender and age do not matter...
  9. Hairless Blessing

    Facts about Cats you might not know

    The one where it states a Kitten remains with their Mother until 9 wks, isn't like a Sphynx of course. They need to stay with their Mom and Breeder until 14 -16 wks. of age. A good reputable will not let them go any sooner.
  10. lolvo

    My $100 Sphynx Cat (How I Met Miss Demeanor)

    "Cats are furry terrorists, and hairless cats are tiny Voldemorts." I lol'd. It looked true, at least from the YouTube video. I didn't give it a second thought, until I saw Kitty for the first time in almost four years. Her ginger ears swiveled ominously rearwards as she saw me approaching the...
  11. Elaina

    Advice on food for my 5 month old Sphynx?

    Hello! I signed up a few minutes ago, I'm Elaina and new to the lair. :) I am looking for some advice if possible please. I've had Gabbi for a week now she is 5 months old. The breeder told me her diet consists of Acana cat food and natural instincts weaning paste...
  12. Jeanette

    Hi from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Canada!!! This is my Baby Nitro...

    Isn't he dapper in his bow tie?
  13. MaisyMom

    Immunization Question???

    I am going to be getting my little Maisy her next set of shots soon and have read on some breeder sites that you should get the Sphynx cats non-adjuvanted vaccines. One in particular is the Merial vaccine. Has anyone had any experience with this? Did you get your kitties regular vaccines or...
  14. jasmyn

    Help!!! Skin issues!

    The one on his neck showed up about 3 days ago, i have been putting Neosporin on it and i have no idea what it is! It is slightly raised. He also has what appears to be a rash on his nose as well. Anybody have any options/ideas/advice?? My vet is out of town for awhile and there are no others in...
  15. celesteandbrina

    Watery eyes/ stuffy nose

    Hello, I'm new to the lair and sphynx breed. I've had my baby girl Sabrina for just over a week now, she just turned 12 weeks today (the 1st.) When I took her to the vet the 1st time, 2 days after I got her she had a minor eye infection in her right eye and was prescribed eye drops. I gave them...
  16. Yoda mom

    Black Sphynx pigmentation

    I recently adopted a black Sphynx that has a very large area of pigmentation on only one side of his body. He was sunbathing in the window at his previous home. He was vet checked last month. The vet report diagnosis said it is normal pigmentation for his age - almost 4 yrs old - and basking...
  17. admin

    HCM Scanning Poll (buying a sphynx kitten)

    Do you or would you expect a breeder to scan for HCM before you would purchase a kitten from them? Feel free to comment. (forum rules apply here.)
  18. J

    Massachusetts Sphynx Breeders?

    If anyone knows about any reputable breeders of Sphynx cats near Massachusetts or in Mass, if you could please PM me some info and a website? Thanks
  19. J

    Looking to adopt

    I live in Massachusetts, close to New York, and I was wondering if anyone in the area had a Sphynx that need rehoming? If you could post pictures that would be appreciated!
  20. captain_tinky

    Pippin found a meat she loves

    So we made Pippin her first batch of Bitr and she loves it, I used ground turkey and right off the bat she tried to do a nose dive into the mix. Pippin was even excited when she got to lick the spoon after she helped supervise me putting her's and her sister's food in their containers. Now...
  21. Alopecia

    safe mosquito repellent

    I have a kitty who loves the outdoors but suffers the mosquito consequences. Does anyone know of a safe, natural repellent? I worry about her bites but know cats are very sensitive to chemicals and am apprehensive to try something unproven.
  22. F

    Sphynx Cat Northen CA

    Please help!! I'm looking for a Sphynx to adopt in Northern California. Please let me know if you have one or know of someone who does. Thanks!
  23. illhyhl

    io catches a fly

    my cat is a supreme hunter of flies.
  24. illhyhl

    cat socialization?

    my cat io is just a little over a year old, and has yet to socialize with a cat. (she has only had exposure to dogs, birds, and my pet rabbit) so my question is a) will it be difficult for her to socialize with other cats? b) are there any tips on introducing her to other cats? and c) are there...
  25. Sfuller


    I searched and I really can't find a good valid answer to this question. I live in Florida, on a state park. We get fleas now without pets. My husband does outside maintenance but its a battle. I know we will need something to keep my kitty safe and flea free when he comes home. Further, my...