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  1. BusterTheCat

    Hi! :)

    I recently joined Sphynx Lair and am in love with sphynx cats! Buster is my one and only sphynx and he is about eight years old! He has an older brother (Ashe) and sister (Rosie) who are both Bombay cats. He also grew up with two dogs in the family so he is a dog-friendly sphynx! Buster's two...
  2. BusterTheCat

    Sphynx Baths

    Hello! My boy Buster is eight years old and he's always hated his baths. He always tries to run out and sometimes succeeds and gets the floor all wet. It's not a huge problem, but it makes bath time much more difficult. I feel like I can't even do a great job cleaning him because I have to...
  3. Buster the Kitten

    Buster the Kitten

    This was Buster on the first day he came into our family <3
  4. Javi_ES

    Waiting for kittens...

    So after 60 days... We are waiting for the new babies of the family... We hope so everything is going fine
  5. BynxTheSphynx

    Pet Insurance?

    I have been researching on pet insurance for Bynx. Does anyone have insurance? Which is best for you? I can find pros and cons for almost all of them but I want opinions!! Thanks!
  6. gaigeschaos

    cracked toe pads?

    Lucius got his first bath in his new home today! Afterwards when I was cleaning his paws/nails I noticed his front toe pads are a little cracked, it's not too bad and it doesn't seem to bother him- he's still playing and running and jumping like mad and he didn't seem to mind when I was touching...
  7. F

    Sphynx in Northern Califonria

    I am looking to adopt a Sphynx in Northern California. Anyone know of any rescue cats available? Or someone that has a cat that they're trying to find a great home for please let me know.
  8. Crombie00

    Best pet insurance?

    I am enrolled in trupanion.Is it a good choice?
  9. PrimateLove

    Swollen Ear...

    Hey guys... My friend has a half sphynx / half siamese cat named Monkey (you can see why we are friends..haha). She came home today and Monkey's ear is swollen. She doesn't see any visibal scratch or bite marks, but you can see that the ear is real swollen. Anyone have any thoughts on what...
  10. How to clean sphynx cat ears.

    How to clean sphynx cat ears.

    How to properly clean sphynx cat ears with a cotton swab and cleaner. http://www.sphynxlair.com - The largest Sphynx cat community in the World!
  11. How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe your sphynx cat. http://www.sphynxlair.com - The largest Sphynx cat community in the World!
  12. How to clip and clean Sphynx Cat nails.

    How to clip and clean Sphynx Cat nails.

    How to properly clip and clean your sphynx cats nails.http://www.sphynxlair.com/ - The Largest Sphynx Cat Community in the World!
  13. Ashdm

    What are these marks on my Sphynx's skin??

    My spyhnx has developed dark marks on his belly. He's a black sphynx anyway but these are very black spots. They have literally shown up in the last 2 weeks and continued to spread in a horizontal line across his abdomen. I've read numerous threads on here about similar marks on the skin but I...
  14. Draugia

    Yeast? Need help with my kitty :(

    Hey all! I'm new here and I got my first sphynx 2 months ago. I was looking for information here, cause my baby got some spots on skin :( She already had them in cattery, but they were really small and only on her back and chin, so I though its just pigment or sebum (i have chinese crested dog...
  15. MollysMom

    Know of a Safe Mosquito Repellent for sphynx cats?

    It is almost mosquito season here... they can get so bad that you don't want to go outside with your mouth open!! I was wondering if anyone knows of/ has tried any effective bug repellents that are safe for cats? Planning on keeping her inside, but wanted to know because we still get the few...
  16. S

    Big problem, fleas on my sphynx!

    So I found a cat tree on Craigslist. 5ft tall, nice. We already have one but i wanted one for the backside of the house as she likes to watch birds.. Drove out to the middle of nowhere to get it Saturday Night... And now Sophia has Fleas!!!! This is the only logical place she could have...
  17. admin

    Sphynx cat with Diarrhea (Giardia)

    What is Giardia you ask? If your Sphynx has these symptoms, chronic diarrhea, horrible smelly poop, soft stools, bloody diarrhea, and sometimes even vomiting it's quite possible they have Giardia. The parasite lives in the intestinal tract and causes damage to the intestines. Giardia is...
  18. admin

    Sphynx with Feline Herpes and L-Lysine

    Lysine can also be used for colds or to reduce cold symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and runny eyes in sphynx, not just herpes. See the dosage below. Always see your vet before e diagnosing or medicating your pet. Feline herpes- is one of the most common respiratory diseases in cats. Since...
  19. admin

    Clipping your Sphynx cat nails.

    How often should I clip my Sphynx cat's nails and how? We recommend clipping your Sphynx cat's nails every seven to ten days depending on how much you clip the nail back. We prefer regular human nail clippers. We just clip the very tip so we do it a little bit more often, once a week right...