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  1. W

    Can you breed a CFA registered Sphynx with a TICA registered Sphynx?

    Hi guys, I get my sphynx next year, the breeder will breed the couple in November and they'll be ready around February 2019. The dad is TICA and the mom is CFA and am just a little confused as to how that works. I'm purchasing a sphynx to breed and the breeder is willing to have over breeding...
  2. Adam

    Verify CFA and TICA Registration?

    We are looking at a couple breeders and we are wondering if anyone knows of a way to verify CFA and TICA Registration online We are looking at the CFA & TICA websites but do not see any kind of directory
  3. Traci Smith

    CFA Mesa Arizona cat show

    “It’s feline a lot like Christmas”!!! The Mesa Show, December 9-10! Is anyone planning on going? We are for the first time! We gotta love on someone’s cats while we wait LOL!
  4. Retro Kitty

    Show in Houston, TX Jan 4-5

    Anyone going to the Houston CFA show next weekend at the GRB? If you’re in the area and have never been to a cat show this is the one to check out. It’s pretty spectator friendly. I’ll be showing Lucy and Marilyn, it’s their first show with the “big” cats. Last time they were in the kitten...