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  1. Nakita

    Problems when changing food

    Did anyone have problems of vomitting and diarrhea when changing from one type of food to another? I did not know that i had to change the diet slowly and i changed it immediately..will my sphynx get used to the new diet or shall it resume to the old diet? Thanks
  2. BluesMummy

    Freckles/Moles ??

    So the last few weeks ive noticed the odd couple of freckles on Blues back, nothing that i have worried about i just put them down to him growing-up, but one of them behind his ear seems to have grown a bit bigger than the others & is now starting to feel a little raised, maybe even a little...
  3. SarahShambles

    Runny stools !!

    :depressed: My poor sphynx has suffered from a bad tummy since we got him in October! Firstly he had suffered from cat flu when we picked him up that eventually cleared up but now it's constant runny stools he's been treated for worms and any other nasty things so that's ruled out...could it be...
  4. admin

    Should I change my kitty litter brand?

    Should I change litters? Does my Sphynx cat like his/her litter? Is she allergic to it? He pees or poops outside of the box, is this because she does not like the litter? This is a question we have heard too many times here on the Lair so I thought I would put some information out there for...