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  1. Sanctuarie

    HCM/CHF omg again, do they ever not get it?

    Between my parents & I, we have had 5 Sphynx cats in the last 20 years, all from different places. My first was a sweet baby boy, Yodi. My dad called one day & asked if I wanted to go to the cat show with them. We went, were walking along, and come upon this guy who had a cat with no hair in...
  2. AThirdCat

    The wonderful life and heartbreaking death of my Frankenstein HCM CHF info and records

    3 years ago is when my cat Frankenstein was diagnosed with HOCM (later progressed to HCM) and I began visiting this site looking for all the information I could. It was so helpful in my times of need these past 3 years that I made myself a promise that I would provide all the information I had...